tipstrr tipsterThe explosion of the online betting industry and social networks over the last two decades also brought along a significant increase in the number of betting tipsters. A lot of bettors are turning to these experts or “experts” to gain the edge and give themselves a chance to profit from betting. And, a fair share of them is willing to pay for quality advice. However, this led to the inflation of scammers and dishonest tipsters whose main goal is to get your money. It’s not uncommon for these cheaters to boost their betting stats and edit their historical records to make them seem more profitable than they actually are.

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For this reason, it’s important for a bettor to be able to find credible and trustworthy experts who are honest about their service and can create profit in a long run. There are plenty of tipsters out there who work hard and are ready to invest knowledge, time, tools, and resources to provide the best possible advice. One way to make sure that the tipsters you’re following belong in this group is to use the services that gather those experts. Of course, it has to be a service with a proven track record of providing reliable and verifiable results, statistics, and records of past performances. We’ll take a deeper look at Tipstrr, one of the services that fit this description.

A Brief Introduction and History of Tipstrr

A relative newcomer to the betting industry, Tipstrr has managed to quickly establish themselves and carve out a place amount the top betting services. Established in 2014, the service grew from strength to strength over the years, continuously improving the platform. As the member of tipsters and customers increased, Tipstrr went through a complete overhaul in 2017, making sure that the site can provide a high-quality and smooth experience. In 2019, they were acquired by Natural Intelligence Ltd, making sure that the platform will have all the necessary resources to thrive moving forward.

Since its inception, Tipstrr has processed almost 3.5 million tips from thousands of tipsters, currently churning out over 100,000 tips every month. The service is dedicated to providing verified tips on a wide range of sports to bettors all over the world. As you might expect, with a platform based in the UK, the majority of tips cover football and horse racing. The main focus of the service is to deliver transparent and authenticated advice from experts to punters. Tips for each tipster are tracked, recorded, and readily available for inspection. This system allows profitable tipsters to stay on top. While anyone can post their bets on the site, only those with a successful record can gain a following and increase the number of subscribers.

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How Does It Work?

As we said, the service is free for the tipsters, and anyone can create a portfolio and start adding bets. The tipsters can choose if they want to over their selections for free or through paid subscriptions. Tipstrr takes a commission on every subscription and that is basically the main source of profit for the platform itself. There’s also an option of keeping your bets private. This is useful if you just want to keep track and precise records of your own selections.

The core of the Tipstrr service is bet authentication. All submitted bets are automatically checked. This means that the system verifies that the bet is available at the chosen bookie and at the stated price at the exact time of posting. So, no bloating stats and profits by adding the maximum odds no matter if they were available at the time of making the selection. At the moment of submission, the bet is locked and can’t be changed any further. Once the tipster posts the bet, all of their subscribers are notified of the tip. At the same time, the bet result is automatically added to the tipster’s overall record. Some of the experts on Tipstrr now have years of verifiable records with thousands of selection.

Although the layout and interface of the site are rather clear and easy to use, the sheer size of the offer can be overwhelming for bettors using the service for the first time. At first, it may seem hard and complicated to find the right tipster to follow. The platform dealt with this by providing several filters to sort out the tipsters by a number of criteria. For starters, you can see the tips only for a particular sport. You can also categorize tipsters by the average profit per month, ROI, the weekly number of tips, average odds, strike rate, or accumulated profit. All that’s left is to select who to follow based on your personal betting preferences and style. When you select a tipster, all their stats are available at a glance.

Recently, Tipstrr has also introduced its app for smart mobile devices. It comes in pretty handy, as it allows you to follow tipsters and search for bets while on the go. Plus, by using the app, you’ll make sure not to miss any bets and to get them at the best prices. Some of the Tipstrr experts have a rather large following and can influence the market by themselves. As a result, some posted prices don’t last very long.

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If you choose to use Tipstrr Pro, the platform’s paid service, you can expect rather reasonable prices, especially compared to other services. Prices vary from tipster to tipster but the monthly fees are generally a £10-40 range. Most of the tipsters offer their services for £19, £29, or $39 per month. Almost all of them offer some sort of discount if you purchase a subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months. Furthermore, you can test their service for a 7-day trial period which is often free or costs no more than £3.

Final Thoughts

Using Tipstrr is not a guarantee you’ll make money because no betting service is. In fact, you should avoid those who claim they can bring sure profit, as it’s usually the first sign of a scam. However, what Tipstrr guarantees is an honest and reliable approach to betting and total openness to their customers. You can rest assured that all the hard work of the tipster you may follow is verified and transparent. All bets are subject to rigorous authentication and no matter you win or lose money, you definitely won’t be cheated. In addition, the platform is very user-friendly and most of the vital information is just a click away. Plus, the folks at Tipstrr are extremely respectful of their betting community and ready to help with all the issues or requests you may have.

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