Casinos are a lot of fun!

Casinos provide a ton of various games for visitors. Casino operators know that people have various degrees of risk, so they provide games to meet different risk thresholds.

Bitcoin casinos are no different.

The best bitcoin casino sites offer players with the same gaming experience as traditional casinos with a few advantages.

Bitcoin casinos offer the fun and excitement of the gaming experience all from the comfort of your home, while maintaining your anonymity!

Plus, the best bitcoin casinos offer players with exceptional promotional offers!

Top 3 Highest Rated Bicoin Casinos

Player Promotions

The best bitcoin casinos know they need to attract players. Bitcoin casino operators took a page from the traditional casino model and offer fantastic promotions in order to attract dedicated and loyal players.

Bitcoin casinos typically offer a standard initial deposit bonus. The basic offer should include a 100% deposit match. Additionally, the best bitcoin casino sites offer players with high end loyalty programs.

The more you play, the more rewards you receive!

When looking to find the best bitcoin casino, then check the promotional offers and loyalty program.

1. Betcoin Casino

Betcoin is the premier bitcoin casino.

The reason that Betcoin grew to the largest online bitcoin casino is simple.

Players receive a full service and comprehensive experience to play casino, poker, dice and sports games using bitcoin. Betcoin also accepts litecoin, which is another cryptocurrency linked to bitcoin.

Through its network of online gaming sites, Betcoin provides a full service of games and options to players of all levels. For new players looking to get acclimated to the online gaming environment, then Betcoin offers free gaming. This outlet allows new players to gain knowledge of the software and become comfortable with the gaming process prior to live gambling.

Betcoin accepts players across the globe, including the United States, a mobile gaming experience as well.

Excellent Promotions

Betcoin provides some of the best promotional offers in the industry.

The promotions are similar to traditional casinos that provide points for game play. To start, Betcoin offers new gamers with the following deposit bonuses. Betcoin offers:

  • 100% First Deposit Matches
  • 50% Second Deposit Matches
  • 25% Third Deposit Matches

What does this mean?

New players receive their deposit match with one simple confirmation. Once you make the decision to place your initial wager, then there is not a delay in getting in on the action.

In addition to the customary deposit bonuses, then Betcoin offers specific promotions aimed at your favorite games. For example, these are part of the official Bonus page and includes special promotional offers.

The 1 BTC GTD offer relates to a freeroll. Betcoin provides players additional information about the promotional offers by clicking on the bonus of interest.

2. BitStarz

BitStarz is a versatile, well respected and trusted online bitcoin casino.

First and foremost, BitStarz accepts bitcoin and traditional fiat (like the Euro) currencies. BitStarz also provides the games that players expect to see in a traditional or online casino.

In addition, BitStarz takes the lead in providing players with provably fair documentation that details how the games are designed to ensure players receive an equal playing field.

Finally, BitStarz is a leading online casino in providing players with a mobile-optimized casino for easier access to play on the go!

Popular Player Promotions

BitStarz provides all players with popular promotions.

There is a balance of unique promotions to BitStarz players, along with standard online casino deposit bonuses that players learn to love and expect.

BitStarz offers new players some of the best deposit bonuses among online casinos.

  • 100% First Deposit Matches
  • 50% Second Deposit Matches
  • 50% Third First Deposit Matches
  • 100% Fourth Deposit Matches

In addition to the Welcome Package, BitStarz offers promotions based on your game of choice and game play.

For slot machine fans, then the Slot Wars offer prizes for the top players. Since BitStarz accepts bitcoin and the Euro, then the Slot Wars prize package includes separate winners based on type of wage (bitcoin and Euro).

Some of the other popular promotion packages are the Monday 50% Reload Bonus and Free Spins Wednesday. Again, the bonus amount matches either bitcoin or Euro. BitStarz ensures gamers are able to play in the format that they feel comfortable.

There is a balance of unique promotions to BitStarz players, along with standard online casino deposit bonuses that players learn to love and expect.

3. VegasCasino

VegasCasino is a new entrant to the online bitcoin casino world that possibly offers the largest amount of games to play in the industry.

VegasCasino caters to high rollers by providing exceptionally large  payouts!

The combination of player friendly matches and terrific game play make VegasCasino a leading contender for the best online bitcoin casino available to all.

Bonus and Promotion Packages

VegasCasino provides perhaps the most player friendly deposit bonuses.

To start, VegasCasino offers the Welcome Deposit Bonus!

VegasCasino offers more to new players because they are not limited to the first few deposits.

  • 100% First Deposit Matches (up to 1 bitcoin)
  • 50% Second Deposit Matches (up to 1 bitcoin)
  • 25% All Other Deposit Matches (up to 1 bitcoin)

The VegasCasino deposit bonus differs from the competition for two reasons:

  1. Instant Match
  2. Unlimited Deposit Matches

Yes, that is right, the match is instant and unlimited.

No more waiting for the bonus match to increase your bankroll.

And those unlimited matches?

Unlike other online casinos that limit matches to the first few deposits, VegasCasino continues to provide a 25% match on all deposits.

The Best Bitcoin Casino Sites Share Provably Fair Documentation

Gambling is risky business.

In addition to the standard risk, bitcoin casino players face another element of risk. Fraud.

To help players understand the risks and show that bitcoin casino games are trustworthy, bitcoin casino operators share provably fair documentation.

What is Provably Fair?

Provably fair means the casino publicly shares the underlying computer code (or algorithm) that creates fairness. Casino operators publish the method used to verify every interaction in a game.

For example, if you are playing blackjack, then you want to be sure the dealer has the same odds of drawing a face card as every player.

For non-technical players, it may be difficult to confirm the provably fair methods are true. However, it is important to look for the documentation published on the bitcoin casino site. Players can complete some due diligence by researching bitcoin casino forums and look for discussions about the online casino of their choice.

The Best Bitcoin Casino Sites Offer Great Odds and Variety of Games

When choosing a casino for bitcoin gambling, you should look for game variety, deposit bonuses and a strong customer support team.

There are a lot of bitcoin casino options, so players should take some time to review a few of the key essentials to determine the best bitcoin casino. To start, what are the gaming options?

The best bitcoin casinos offer the following standard games, plus many more options:

  • Blackjack with live dealers
  • Roulette
  • Lottery
  • Dice
  • Baccarat
  • Keno
  • Slots

In particular, bitcoin dice has great odds. The best bitcoin dice sites offer legitimate 50/50 odds. When selecting a dice site, you should look for a strong faucet, the house edge percentage and provably fair software.

Slots are huge draw for traditional casinos. The best bitcoin casinos are no different. The premier slots casino operators should have quick load times, a vast array of games available, strong deposit bonuses and an excellent customer service team.

To pick the best bitcoin casino for you, then check the player promotional offers and games available on the casino of your choice. Find the bitcoin casino that meets your needs and take advantage of those promotional offers to start winning!