With the latest trends and innovations coming up in this modern world, people are starting to come up with new ideas and strategies on how they could have a business that is relatable and commendable to everyone. One of which is the rise of the Dropshipping industry that allows you to have swifter, reliable, and more trustworthy services when it comes to your deliveries and packages.

But for you to be able to come up with your personal choice of which Dropshipping Company is the most favorable for your use, you must first find the best there is. This will help to be on the right track and guarantee excellence, affordability, safety, and quality on your future transactions.

TOP 5 Best Dropshipping Companies in Japan

shopkyo review1. Shopkyo

Product Range: Electronics & Gadgets, Home & Gardens, Fashion & Jewelry, Game & Anime, Car Accessories, Art & Craft

Website: www.shopkyo.com

Shopkyo dropshipping services review

With the mission of providing and helping you build an e-commerce business with authentic and good quality items, Shopkyo, with its branches located in Hong Kong and of course, Japan, is one of the best sources of quality checked products directly from Japan suppliers. Expanding their listing for more than 10 drop shift product categories, this company provides varieties of such goods ranging from gadgets and home renovations to arts and crafts and many more!

Shopkyo also provides newly interested individuals on how to understand the dropshipping process, the system and flow concept. This will help the you in starting your own business with tips and ideas coming from the experts. Shipping quality products from Japan, Shopkyo is one of the well-known and trusted dropshipping companies in the country today.

from japan dropshipping2. From Japan; Auction and Shopping Proxy Service

Product Range: Auctioneer items, Electronics & Gadgets, Home & Gardens, Fashion & Jewelry, Game & Anime, Car Accessories, Art & Craft, Real Estate, many more

Website: www.fromjapan.co.jp/en

From Japan; Auction and Shopping Proxy Service dropshipping services review

Established in Tokyo, Japan last 2004, From Japan is a registered incorporated company in the business of providing different ways possible inside Japan, without any hassles and problems. With its wide range of products and quality service, it uses its 24/7 automated system which places bids on Yahoo Japan Auctions as well as purchasing them for the buyers.

This company also features the “Find it for me” service which will help the buyers to find what they are looking for in a particular item. Their Japanese shopping staff will be the ones finding it for you! Offering multiple languages (such as Japanese, English, Chinese, French, etc), From Japan helps you to shop easier and get your items faster and secure.

lotte dropshipping logo3 . Lotte

Product Range: Food Products

Website: www.lotte.co.jp

Lotte dropshipping services review

One of the biggest dropshipping and outsourcing providers in Japan, Lotte Dropshipping was established in 1997, with the goal of “being a company loved form, everyone, by satisfying the desires and needs of people around the globe.” And it does live up to expectations.

With the values of “User-Oriented”, “Originality” and “Quality”. Lotte continues to provide excellent services when it comes to dropshipping food safety, quality raw materials with the help of their advanced manufacturing technology. And because of its international connections and world-wide popularity, it came up of strategies fundamentally utilized by different country partners. With its multilingual pages, it can connect to different clients such as Koreans, Chinese and Americans.

zozo town logo4. ZOZOTOWN

Product Range: Fashion

Website: www.zozo.jp

ZOZOTOWN dropshipping services review

Established by the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, Zozotown was launched last 2004 and now is one of Japan’s largest online retail websites. It was started on its earlier company Start Today, which was an album mail-order business and was moved to selling clothing and six years later became a publicly-traded company.

Many people have been trusting Zozotown for not only its authenticity but also because of its low and cheaper prices. Though doubted by many at first, the company continues to provide quality services and shipping security.

One of the best product lines that Zozotown has come up was the Zozosuit. A black skintight suit that was dotted and said to change the clothing businesses of which it can be personalized, altered and customized due to the client’s desire. This website has been such good help to many people as of today.

yahoo japan logo5. Yahoo Japan

Product Range: Auction and Shopping Proxy Service

Website: https://www.yahoo.co.jp/

Yahoo Japan dropshipping services review

Known to be as a web search tool and entry advertise, Yahoo Japan (first called Yippe! Japan) became one of the most used online selling websites in Japan earning 2.2 million online sale clients in 2001 which surpassed its 10 million US Dollars earnings in a small amount of time.

The main success of this company was based on two very important factors on the lifestyle of the Japanese people. Number one of which is the substance and structures that were founded on the different parts of Japanese life and administrations. It was fitted like a glove!

The second one is the Japanese fear of inconvenience. In where the website gives the people what they wanted minus the hassle and the stress over establishments. It gives them relaxation and relief that they could order and have their packages in a small amount of time and a quality service!


There you have it! Your top 5 list of the best Dropshipping companies in Japan. Every one of which has its own strength and weakness. By partnering with the right company that best satisfies not only your goal but the customers’ desire, you can now start your own e-commerce business with low cost to zero investment!