You may have noticed that some time ago VIAINVEST mother company VIA SMS Group partnered with another fintech frontrunner TWINO to enter promising Vietnamese consumer lending market with a brand VAMO on equal terms – sharing 50% of business each. As the business in Vietnam is growing rapidly, VIA SMS Group is looking for additional funding sources to support the business operations in this country, so VIAINVEST has listed a brand-new business loan to help VIA SMS Group to collect funds that will be used for business development in Vietnam.

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The brand-new business loan is now available for investments with 12% interest rate paid on the monthly basis and additional 2% paid at maturity reaching the total return of 14%. Investments into the particular business loan will be based on the Business loan agreement (Vietnam). Please note that particular business loan is not pre-funded and the Buyback Guarantee does not apply to it. Earnings from investments made into Vietnamese business loan will not be taxed on the platform, however it remains responsibility of each investor to manage their personal tax issues.

We are also happy to inform you that Vietnamese business loan has a brand new feature – an early exit option that will allow investors to exit the investment taking into account the prior notice period – 1, 3 or 6 months. As usual – the longer you stay invested, the more you can earn from this loan. Patience is a virtue, after all, and it gets rewarded, especially when it comes to investing with VIAINVEST. Besides, this is yet another chance for you to diversify your investment portfolio.

Curious? Explore all the benefits that come with this investment possibility and the conditions concerning early exit option by digging deeper into the loan profile. If you are an existing member of VIAINVEST investor community, you probably already know the drill – to include the business loan in your auto invest portfolio, go to your investor profile and adjust your portfolio by choosing Business loan as the loan type and VIA SMS Group (Vietnam) as the loan originator.

Keep in mind that there are currently two business loans listed on the platform – real estate development project in Barcelona and consumer lending business development project in Vietnam, so we have distinguished these two business loans as two separate loan originators in the list of auto invest filters. If you wish to invest in the real estate project in Barcelona, adjust your auto invest settings by selecting b VIA SMS Group (Spain) as the loan originator.


VIAINVEST is a P2P investing and lending platform that issues loans in Latvia, Poland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. The platform is part of the VIA SMS group which has issued more than one million loans, and it’s where borrowers ask for loans which then appear on the website, where they are open for public financing. All loans that are displayed on the VIAINVEST platform are already pre-financed, which means that loans will not be returned to you because not enough lenders financed your loan which is pretty cool.

Start investing with VIAINVEST from only 10 EUR