If you’re new to tennis trading this is perhaps one of the first questions that you would ask yourself, after you notice that laying and backing randomly is not a profitable solution. As a rule of thumb a profitable tennis trading strategy would be one that returns a higher percentage of winning trades compared to the red ones, while using the same stake.
In my opinion one of your first goals as a beginning tennis trader, considering that you are already familiarized with the basics of tennis trading, is to try and implement a strategy that brings you profit. Once you manage to have a green average you can start tweaking your game plan in order to increase winnings.

Profitable Tennis Trading Strategy

In order to apply any tennis trading strategy, you need a starting bank. Once you decided what amount are you willing to trade with, and deposited it into your Betfair.com account, you will be able to calculate your basic stake for opening positions. On average your basic stake should be 10x smaller than your bank. This means that if you have a $1000 trading bank available you can open positions with a $100 stake. Of course that the stake might be smaller or bigger depending on the risk of the strategy that you plan to apply.

Next, based on your knowledge of tennis, the players and after you have an idea about how markets react at given point during a live tennis match, you can start and figure out a trading strategy that suits your skills. You need to be aware that any strategy that you intend to apply has to have a success rate of at least 51%. This means that if you use the same strategy 100 times with the same stake and same stop-loss and green-up margins you should end-up with at least a slight profit. Of course the higher the success rate the bigger the profits. If you choose to follow a certain strategy and see that the overall winnings are negative, you need to re-check it and see what’s wrong. For example if you decide to jump in a trade and always back the receiver on break-point, but his average of converting BPs is to low you will end-up losing in the long term because, you will loose far more if the server holds compared to the returns that you get if break is completed (when it’s completed).

Best Tennis Trading Strategy

In my point of view there is no such thing as “best tennis trading strategy” that can be applied for everyone. Because if all traders would use the same strategy that strategy would become inefficient because market would react to it.

Yes, we can talk about the best strategy for a certain trader, but what could work best for me, could not be as efficient to some other trader and so on. This is why I always encourage traders to trade with low stakes and trade as much as possible and observe market reactions and learn more about tennis players. This way each of you will spot good backing or laying opportunities when they arise and open a position.

Experience is one of the most valuable assets in tennis trading. Experience about how tennis markets react, experience about strength and weaknesses of players. All these in conjunction will surface a tennis trading strategy. Next you only have to begin and apply it with low stakes and gradually increase your stake if you see that your success rate is above 50%! I can only wish you good luck and profitable trading!