We were established to give true and informative reviews on  drop shipping companies, wholesale suppliers, liquidators, China drop shippers, e-commerce website design firms, SEO companies, and e-commerce sites like eBay, Bonanzle, and Amazon. We are not affiliates nor do we post any affiliate links.

We are merely honest merchants and consumers that are tired of the SCAMS! We intend on hunting down posting and calling out all the fake companies, and giving praise to the ones who work so hard to keep e-commerce honest and profitable for you. We will give you our honest opinion as that is really what a drop shipping review is . We do not use any affiliate links at all which is what separates us from some of the other drop shipper  review sites online.

We want to start this blog with a little bit about what drop shipping reviews and e-commerce is and how to safely get started as we feel that one of the biggest scams comes merely from people not being educated enough before they jump into this. Drop shipping started a long time before the internet, it has actually been around for years I remember 20 years ago coming home from school selling the trinkets, candy, and books that the school would set us up with and the kid who sold the most would get a jam box or a new bicycle. I never did win that bike. I always got the plastic bracelets, or bouncy balls that I would lose in a day or so. That was my first real experience with drop shipping.

Also my grandma sold Avon and stuff like that as well. The thing is back then it was safe people made money kids got candy, the Avon lady always had make up and wore a ton of it and that was what drop shipping was in the 80’s along with SMC and places like Fingerhut.

E-commerce started and the two actually made a great fit. See what a lot of people don’t know or remember is that the people in the e-commerce business in the
early days were a really big family. People helping people we were all new and we all needed help.

When selling products online really took off drop shipping was a way of life. It went with e-commerce like peanut butter and jelly and if you needed help you could
even ask your competitors and get help.

Those days are far behind us now, and a lot of good memories have passed and out of it e-commerce has  become a entity of its own. The only problem is it has become polluted with scammers mostly middlemen who pretend to be real wholesale suppliers until you see their products.

An e-commerce today is basically ran one of 2 ways one a person buys a ton of products stores them in a warehouse and ships them out to the customers, or a person goes to a wholesale supplier  and sets up an account with them, and the wholesale company then drop ships the product to the persons customer.

Most of us don’t have the over head to purchase a warehouse so option two comes in to play. Drop shipping products from a real wholesale supplier can be very beneficial and lucrative if done in a correct manor. The most important thing to remember is that in order to do start an e-commerce business and be successful you can not cut any corners or you will just wind up another statistic.  Their are a few simple rules to follow as well.

The first thing you should know is a wholesale supplier  should not charge you a drop shipping fee. That is just their way to take more of your income. Do they deserve it ? No your the one working yourself to death to sell their products trying to make money on eBay, or your own website.

Second The only time you should ever pay anything to a drop shipper before seeing their products is if you join a drop ship directory/community.
Their is only two that we really recommend one is World wide brands, the other www.thepowersellersunion.com.

We fully support both of those companies and you can read their reviews for yourself and see why. I have had tons of people ask me why they should sign up with a drop ship directory and the main reason is security. Their websites are verified and true wholesale suppliers. The other reason is what if the item you are selling stops being profitable, wouldn’t the smart thing to do be to have other products and suppliers already lined up?

Their are 1000s of scams online, and if it seems too good to be true it usually is. Please be careful when deciding what you want to do as you are making a decision that can affect your future. I have seen great successes and I have seen people lose thousands. When determining what company you want to use to get started do it with your mind and not your heart.

What people don’t understand is that even the websites with the Better Business Bureau logo on it are not safe. Most of those BBB pics are just copied and pasted on to a scammers website anyway and you can never tell the difference. Not to mention the BBB is a corporation you pay them money they list you. They are also very expensive. Do you think they really want to lose a $2000.00 payment because a merchant is mad that his site has bad marks on it ? I don’t think so. I am not saying they are bad either but if you see one of those BBB links at least click on it, and if nothing happens its a fake.

So unless you want to gamble with your money sign up with one of those guys and you will never look for another drop shipping company or wholesale supplier again.