Dropshipping has been rising in popularity lately. It is a business approach where a seller gets goods from a third party. The third-party seller then provides the goods that the customers require. Because of many benefits, this business approach might become mainstream in the coming year. Part of the benefits is reduced costs due to less need for storage space on the part of the seller. It also offers the customer a wide range of goods as the seller can get the goods from various third-party merchants. Another benefit is that it’s primarily online, so there is a bigger market and definitely a wider reach.

But due to the rising popularity, a lot of different companies have popped up. Moreover, some of these companies are simply scams or frauds, and the customers end up with inferior quality products or no goods at all. Not only this, but the seller could lose a lot of money. So how do you know which dropshipping suppliers to trust? Well, it’s always best to go with the trusted ones. Below, we’ve gathered a list of the best dropshipping suppliers in China.

aliexpress logoAliExpress

Product Range: Electronics, Clothing, Accessories, Gardening, Jewellery

Website: www.aliexpress.com

AliExpress dropshipping service review

This online platform connects many international buyers. The retailers and customers are not just from China, but they are from small businesses and different countries worldwide. Like Amazon and eBay, retailers post their products online so that customers can view them. However, some of the business information may be difficult to understand on their page, so it’s also best to consider some customer reviews. This platform does offer a refund or returns for any products that are found to be different from the ones that the sellers advertise.

dhgate logoDHgate

Product Range: Apparel, Toys, Health, Beauty

Website: www.dhgate.com

DHgate dropshipping service review

Similar to AliExpress, this website offers products from all over the world. Their retailers or sellers are primarily small Chinese businesses. They have fewer products than AliExpress, but the variety of categories are many. Based on reviews from customers, this platform also investigates any issues or concerns that customers might have. They make sure that both the sellers and buyers resolve the problems they might have.

tomtop logoTomTop

Product Range: Computer, Videogames, jewelry, media players

Website: www.tomtop.com

TomTop dropshipping service review

The terms and conditions of the drop ship program here are very clear. They make sure that buyers and sellers both follow these terms. Moreover, they offer refunds, warranty, or replacement for products that might not be satisfactory to customers. It has nine warehouses in different countries. As such, delivering goods is not a problem for them, and they get the orders to the customers quickly.

banggood logoBanggood

Product Range: Fashion, Flashlight, Home, Electronics

Website: www.banggood.com

Banggood dropshipping service review

The platform currently has 200,000 products. Aside from the wide range of products, they also offer great discounts and recommendations for their drop ship program. Banggood also has its own return policies, but they provide very clear instructions on what to do should the customer not be satisfied with the products. They also have an open forum that helps members give each other advice on any of the products they purchase. This platform becomes a great resource for other buyers who can share their experiences with each other.

tmart logoTmart

Product Range: Apple Accessories, video games, health, beauty

Website: www.tmart.com

Tmart dropshipping service review

The primary products of this platform are electronics and computer accessories. They offer excellent benefits and discounts for the people who take part in their dropship program. Similar to Banggood, they also have a forum for their buyers so that they can share experiences and reviews about the products they had or the services offered by the website. However, there is a separate page for available products in other countries, so it’s best to look at what country is closest to you for faster delivery times.

pandahall logoPandaHall

Product Range: jewelry findings, hair accessories, watches, beading supplies

Website: www.pandahall.com

PandaHall dropshipping service review

PandaHall is a very particular supplier because they cater more to jewelry-related inquiries. They also provide outstanding customer service that assists buyers with their dropshipping needs.

There are many dropshipping companies that don’t have their own warehouse, and that’s fine. The beauty of this business model is that there is less need for storage. However, the advantage of having a warehouse is that goods can be delivered to the customers much quicker. Perhaps later on in the business, other dropshipping companies can also look into this option.