Do you want to take advantage of dropshipping services in Italy, so that you can expand your business operations? You are thinking in the right direction! A lot of business around the world are currently taking advantage of drop shipping service to revolutionize their daily activities. Dropshipping comes with improved business operations such as increased profits and cost reduction, together with broad customer reach. Since so many businesses around the globe have benefited from this new businesses model, yours will too.

But you need to find a good dropshipping company to partner with so that dropshipping will work well for you to your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your customers. As you may already know, an excellent dropshipping company should be all-around reliable and guarantee secure shipping, quality products, customer support, affordable prices. It should also be able to issue refunds just in case everything doesn’t work well.

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In Italy, there is a crop of old and upcoming drop shipping companies which are reputed for their services and quality products in almost every category. This article has put together, a list of seven best Italian suppliers to help you find the best dropshipping companies that are capable of catering for your needs. Let us dive in and see some of the companies you can bank your trust in when it comes to dropshipping in Italy.

Oberlo Dropshipping Italy

Products range: Different categories


Oberlo dropshipping services review

When it comes to dropshipping services in Italy, then Oberloo is among the best. Oberlo ensures that the goods are expressly delivered to the customer from the supplier. It has a good plan for you especially when you do your first time registration. They guarantee a profitable experience for you by giving you a free beginner plan. All you need to do is visit their website, register, and see for yourself what they have to offer.

chinabrands dropshipping logoCHINABRANDS Dropshipping Italy

Product range: Just Name It


Chinabrands dropshipping services review

Chinabrands is among the reputed dropshipping companies shipping a wide variety of products to over 200 countries, including Italy, around the globe. It brings on board over 5000 excellent manufacturers, distributors and suppliers and has some of the best wholesale prices due to its extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers. Within 24 hours, they dispatch your package and provide the tracking number for you. To save you more money and increase your profit, Chinabrands consistently charges low shipping fees. They have optional package insurance to insure your products while in transit. You can choose either flat rate shipping method, expedite shipping method, or standard shipping method. They work with over 27 different kinds of carriers to meet your needs. You will get every product you need in chinabrands

bazarisimo italy dropshipping

BAZAARISIMO dropshipping Italy

Product range: clothing, gadgets, home, and office products, etc.


BAZAARISIMO dropshipping services review

This company is an excellent dropshipping platform. It has been around for eight years now and is doing quite well. This company has a unique and complete system for anyone who has interest in using DropShipping to start an online sales business.

wholesaledeals dropshipping logoWHOLESALEDEALS dropshipping Italy

Product range: Baby Products, clothing &fashion, etc.


WHOLESALEDEALS dropshipping services review

Wholesaledeals is not a yesterday’s baby and has played the dropshipping game hard since 2004. So far, it boasts of over one million people making a good profit as a direct benefit on their services. One good thing about wholesaledeals is that it only works with verified drop shipper to guarantee your safety. This is achieved by monitoring your package closely especially when you upgrade to premium membership. Their website is continuously updated with awesome current market trends and fashion, as well as the best new market rates. On the website, they have a deal tracker giving you a a glimpse of the actual profit in every deal before you make your purchase. Registration is free, but you benefit from everything they have to offer when you upgrade your membership. If you want competitive and authenticated services, try wholesaledeals and benefit from their shipping services.

mediatoys italy dropshipping logoMEDIA TOYS dropshipping Italy

Product range: Toys and children stuff


MEDIA TOYS dropshipping service review

If your niche is children stuff, especially toys, then media toys is the go for you. They offer you a platform to get drop shipping service from their wholesale merchandise of toys such as Peppa Pig, Leo, Corolle and Thomas, and Friends, etc. They have good deal plans like:

• Free plan –you get discounted prices and packing price per piece is 2 euros less

• Light plan –wholesale price and packaging price per piece is one euro less

• Top plan –you get a wholesale price with a 5% discount on the packing price.

Based on the plan you stick by, their business process is an easy-going one. Media toys is reputed for being one of the companies in Italy with a reputation for confirming orders as fast as possible. You can visit their website and register to browse the various toy categories and see what they have for you in Italy for dropshipping.

madeinfirenze italy dropshippingMADEINFIRENZE Dropshipping Italy

Product category: All product categories


MADEINFIRENZE dropshipping service review

This is an Italian web store offering products in almost all the categories. They guarantee quality services by giving out your order details to the drop shipper so that the goods are delivered to the customer directly. Madeinfirenze is the right choice for any one with Italian products that are authentic and intents to sell them without actually keeping them in stock; then you can benefit immensely from their dropshipping program. They will also allow you to purchase their product after you have sold them.

Madeinfirenze will then dispatch the products to your customers directly with your invoice. They have a worldwide shipping program. When you get in touch with them, they provide you with a catalog of all the products that are available for dropshipping along with their pictures and description in English. Their logistics and delivery services are done through DHL quickly and efficiently.

esources logoESOURCES dropshipping Italy

Product range: Just Name It


ESOURCES dropshipping services review

Esources is a network of manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of the United Kingdom. To ensure quality drop shipping service, Esources deals only with verified traders. You reap optimum benefits from them and gain their free database access without any restriction by upgrading to their premium membership. In Italy, is has the best traders with its directory segregated countrywide. By registering yourself in the platform, you can join their league.