I have spent some time promoting Printful Print on Demand (POD) services and finally got my first (and second) payment to my PayPal account. The first payment – $ 82.79 was made in the same day I requested it. I had no doubts that it will be any other way than that, because Printful is the biggest player in Print On Demand industry and you can trust them 100%.

Below you can see a Screenshot of my results with Printful affiliate program. It took me a long long time to get to the first payout. As you can see, the clicks/sign-ups ratio is ~5%, which is a good number, but only 7 of those sign-ups become Active customers. You probably need much more Active customers or one or few Mega active customer to make a good money of Printful affiliate program.

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I will definitely continue to work with Printful and think about ways how to refer more users to them.

printful affiliate payment proof

Printful affiliate program offers 10% for every order made by your referrals. It may sound low at first, but if you get only one Big fish under your belt, you may be looking at thousands in commissions every month.

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In featured image you can see a little gift that I got from Printful affiliates for reaching my first payout. It fits quite nicely! It is a nice gesture to send some gifts or freebies to successful partners.