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  • Resources to develop better trading understanding
  • Profitable football trading
  • 24/7 support service through email and live chat
  • Best trading advice from experienced experts
  • Access to Team Stats tool


  • Not a set and forget system
  • Takes time to learn and get used to it

Voted Best Football trading System 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2018, Best Trading System 2015 and Best Product 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 by Lay Back & Get Rich readers. You can not be wrong with this service!

Fun and thrill is guaranteed if you are going to trade football matches on Betfair exchange! It would be much more fun if you could make money every day by trading football matches on Betfair! Whether you are a football lover or not, Goal Profits have some unique and special features for you guys that is worth checking. I really hope that Goal Profits will be useful and interesting Betfair trading system to earn more money while watching your favorite football clashes.

Professional sports trading is something different from usual sports betting. The reason for that is bookmaker need to make money for themselves. They are doing that by restraining and trimming profits for their client accounts. Football trading is different, because you are in charge of your profits and loses. You do not have to rely on the teams so much, instead you can use statistical data and use various strategies to predict the outcome of the football match.

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The Basics:

We all know, that in football game there are three possible outcomes: lose, draw or win. To lower the level of unpredictability, Goal Profits service uses the historical data to make data driven decisions. Goal Profits uses data of past events to predict the results of future fixtures. Also there are section dedicated to in-play statistics and predictions, where you can calculate the team strength based on the shots on target, yellow cards, penalties, foul frequencies, and ball retention occurred in the game.

Betfair trading is also a game of luck to some extent. Trading is the advanced term used for betting in Football. Looking at the past performance of football games may bring you an idea of the nooks and corners about the betting. I bet, that at the end, you will come to a conclusion, that football is very, very unpredictable!

People who start football trading without a advice from professionals have high chances of losing their betting bank and also their patience. It also does not mean that using Football trading service like Goal Profits will make you instant winner overnight. The probability of losing will be much lower, but you will have to follow the rules, trading strategies and money management strategies to succeed.

Becoming a winner in sports trading will be much more easier if you will have access to best resources and knowledge bases. Experience matters! You can quickly overcome any obstacles if you have experience and have idea how to solve these problems.

Goal Profits  Football Trading Service – An Overview:

Who are behind the successful service of Goal Profits?

Financial freedom is the best thing that you can get from Goal Profits football trading service. You can earn a solid cash flow within a few days if you follow the provided systems and strategies. Kevin Laverick and Steve Brown have invested plenty of resources and time to develop this service. So, you will have to dedicate plenty of time in studying about the systems and trading strategies if you want to make most of this service. The service has grown a lot within last few years, it is award – winning service! Goal Profit has been declared as one of the most reliable football trading services.

Goal profits is reliable football trading service and not definitely a usual sports tipping service. Goal Profits service is made to:

  • Teach Football trading strategies instead of simply offering tips on football games;
  • Offer football trading strategies that are based on statistical data of past performance of football teams;
  • Provide a new way to make money online to the members of their service;
  • Offer an user-friendly trading platform by using the live-chat function;
  • A service focused on supportive and helpuf football community. You are not alone!

Price of Goal Profits football trading service

It is just £1 for a day to test the Goal Profits Membership Benefits.

The prices are classified into three types Monthly, Quarterly and Annual. To get started with, you can try out the one-month membership that has instant access to every feature that you need to begin football trading today. It cost about £37 per month. Quarterly plan costs about £99 per quarter with three-month membership, and the Annual plan costs about £365 per year with 12 months membership. If you want to go with the cheapest option, then you should try out the Annual plan as you can work out for £1/day and save about £79 per year.

Try out Goal Profits service For $1

Highlights of Goal Profits

Some of the best reasons for choosing Goal Profits as your Football Trading Service are:

  • You can learn how to transform your trading habits and results or how to trade football without prior experience;
  • You will be able to access the best and top-notch expert traders daily in the live-chat or by email;
  • No additional fees, empty promises, tricks or commissions;
  • Access to different strategies of football trading which you can use to generate more profit;
  • Drive your success with the smart tools that are available in this service;
  • Trading ideas for almost every football game.

Goal Profits – Features:

Lack of discipline, poor trade selection, poor bank management, and more things can be an essential reasons for losing money. Goal profits service will teach you all of these sports trading aspects and you will start to feel like a trader, not a gambler. Here are some of the features offered by this football trading service:

  • Launchpad: You will be provided with a basic information about Football trading, followed by the training resources for 16 weeks to learn how to trade effectively from the beginning , enhancing your results and understanding.
  • Team Stats: The trademark tool is used for doing research and analyzes different factors of a football game quickly. It helps to access plenty of matches, save energy and time, access base trades for more accurate and detailed information.
  • Enhanced Technical Support: The support members of Goal Profits are available 24/7 to help out with any queries or issues in the football trading through email and live chat.
  • Trading Strategies: There are 16 various trading strategies, which combined in a traders portfolio, can become a formula for winning Betfair markets.
  • Support Forum and Chat Room: In this section, the members can receive guidance from the experienced professional traders, share the result of the live trades, can trade in-play, exchange various strategies, and more. There are mentors who are available to help the members to walk themthrough, to reach the goal successfully.
  • Trade Selections: More than 60 football leagues are playing their fixtures across the globe daily.

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What are the Benefits of Goal Profit Football Trading service?

Using the resources carefully and following trading guidelines accurately may help Goal Profits members to see life-changing results.

Goal Profit Football Trading service pluses:

  • Top experienced trader expert access;
  • Plenty of training resources to learn the strategies of Football trading;
  • 24/7 active technical support service through email and live chat;
  • Smartest technologies to offer an edge on the Betfair betting exchanges.

Who can use Goal Profit Football Trading?

Goal Profit Membership will be suitable for anyone who are looking for:

  • Vast of resources to develop a better understanding of sports trading ;
  • The best way for increase the stakes of trades. Higher stakes, bigger profits.;
  • Chances to meet financial freedom;
  • Profitable football trading service;
  • More disciplined football trading approach;
  • To earn extra income in their free time.

Apart from that, Goal Profits are also not suitable for some people:

  • Who can not maintain any structure or discipline in their trading approach;
  • Lack of patience or determination;
  • Expects to be everyday sailing trading;
  • Looking for get-rich-quick online money making schemes;
  • Who are looking for usual football tipping service.

How to get started with Goal Profits?

Its simple to start your journey with Goal Profits and start earning some money:

  1. Choose any one of the plans from monthly, quarterly or yearly plans to get started;
  2. Once you have selected the plan, decide which paying method you are going to use like PayPal, credit card, etc and sign up;
  3. You will receive immediate access to the Goal Profit membership area if you prefer to choose Skrill or PayPal;
  4. Make use of the educational resources and get to know about the strategies to use, discover the tools and other things available;
  5. All done! It is time to start your football trading journey with Goal Profits.

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What are other people saying about the Goal Profits service:

The popularity of this service is making more and more people eager to know what is Football trading. 98% of the reviews are positive, and all user reviews on Goal Profits Facebook page refers that this is an outstanding Football trading system for them.

The hard work of Kevin Laverick and Steve Brown has paid of, as they have made probably the best football trading service in the world. We should appreciate their job as they have invested hundreds of hours to create a successful and resourceful football trading service for their customers.

Apart from that more reviews are stating about the money they have earned. Goal Profits aim is to make money for their users, but few of the reviewers noted the return is too low. Some people feel that the profit earned, by following the strategies accurately, is lower then they expected.


Finally, Goal Profits review has earned more positive points. The strength of the Goal Profits Football trading service is their outstanding community and useful tools like Team Stats. The negative part is the requirement of the time. Everyone can make money with Goal Profits and have fun by doing it. Just remember to keep calm and follow the strategies!

Try out Goal Profits service For $1