In this review we will be looking at the Printful affiliate program and see if this program can help you make some extra money online.

What is Printful?

Printful is a market where you can create and sell custom products. The people who sell the prints do not have to worry about the production and the shipping process. Printful takes care of everything. This is the main reason why thousands of stores around the world trust Printful.

The sellers can make a lot of money by selling customized products on their online stores.

But if you are not into e-commerce you can also make money introducing new sellers to Printful with Printful affiliate program. This print on-demand service affiliate program allows you to refer as many clients to Printful as possible and earn virtually unlimited commissions.

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How do you Join the Printful Affiliate Program?

To join the Printful Affiliate program, simply go to their signup page and register yourself. It will take about three working days or less to review your application. Once they are done reviewing it, you will receive a unique referral link and banners that you can use to earn money.

Printful Affiliates have a collection of high quality advertising materials which are free of charge

How does the Printful Affiliate Program work?

When a person clicks on your referral link, creates an online store with Printful and starts selling, you receive a commission. You will then earn commissions for nine months from the first sale.

What Is The Commission Structure?

You will earn 10% commission for every referral order. You will also earn commissions for nine months for every referral. You can make as much money as possible when you refer as many affiliates as you can. It is virtually unlimited. You will receive your earnings as soon as the product gets delivered.

How do you make money with Printful affiliates?

Once you decide to become a Printful affiliate, you will need to promote Printful to start earning revenue. The amount of time and effort you want to put in the program is entirely up to you. You can make as much money as you want or as little money as you want.

Here are a few tips on how to start earning commissions using this dropshipping affiliate program:

1. Create a blog post about Printful

You should write a blog post about Printful. This is usually the easiest thing you can do to promote your referral link. Here a few ideas for what you could write about:

  • Your individual experience using Printful;
  • comparison with other drop shipping services;
  • A guide on how to blend your store with Printful;
  • Why you would recommend Printful for other people.

You don’t have to write just one post. You can write several articles over several weeks or months. Regardless of what you write about in the blog, always add your unique referral link in the post, and spread the article via social media and email.

printful affiliate profits

Here is a screenshot of my Printful affiliates dashboard. I have recently started promoting them. So far I have created just a blog post.

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2. Recommendations

Recommendations help create trustworthiness and credibility in your audience. Once you have referred new Printful clients, contact them and ask for a brief review of Printful and post them.

3. Use Social media platforms

Using Social media platforms is an excellent way to spread your referral link, but you should make sure you don’t appear as spam because some social media platforms may not be referral friendly.

The best way to share your referral link is to share them indirectly. You can, for example, post about your latest blog post that has the referral link somewhere in the post.

Facebook is a great social media platform for promoting your referral links. You can create your own page and share your blogs and also include your referral link in there for free. Or you can create Facebook banner ads if you have some money. You should make sure that you follow Facebook guidelines and make sure that your ad reaches the correct people.

4. Use Emails

If you have friends or colleagues in the e-marketing business that would be interested in Printful, then you can send them an email. You can send a direct email about your referral link or send an email promoting your blog posts.

How you will get paid?

The Printful Affiliate Program payment option is PayPal, and you can withdraw your funds once you have reached at least $25.

Advantages of the Printful Affiliate Program

No need to create a product – creating the products takes a lot of time and money to implement, but using the Printful Affiliate Program has none of these issues. The service is already made, and Printful already handles the product shipping. All you have to focus on is marketing for Printful.

Virtually zero risk – One of the best parts of making money with this dropshipping affiliate program is that there are virtually zero risks for you or Printful. You are not an employee because you have a subcontractor status. This means that you don’t have to commit to anything and you will also never have to pay for a product upfront. You get paid after Printful earns a profit. The only thing you are essentially risking if your time and effort.

Very small startup money is needed – Earning money using the Printful affiliate program is one of the cheapest ways you can start earning money online. Most businesses opportunities that are available usually will require you to take on significant risks such as leaving your job, using up your life savings and getting into a lot of debts in order to get started. For the Printful affiliate program, the only true costs are the charges of buying a domain, creating a website, and hosting. You could start earning money with just a little amount of money.

No office or workers to deal with – Working with Printful means you don’t have to report to an office or deal with managers or other employees and still earn a living. One of the most significant advantages of the program means that you could be making a lot of money from the comfort of your own home.

Track referrals and clicks – with Printful affiliates, you can track the revenue, referrals, and clicks in real time.

Disadvantages of the Printful Affiliate Program

Only one payment option – The only downside of this program is that there is only one payment option which is PayPal.


Nothing much to say here! Printful is huge business with very good reputation, so I highly recommend signing up for the Printful Affiliate Program as it is an excellent way to earn some extra cash from home.

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