RebelBetting review


Return on investments


Usability of platform




Investment security


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  • World's most popular sure betting service
  • Win every bet you make
  • 110 000 customers already are using this service
  • User friendly platform
  • Steady profits


  • Some may find this service too expensive
  • Not set and forget system - requires some time

In this review, we will be looking at what RebelBetting is and how you can earn money from this top-rated sports arbitrage software service.

What is RebelBetting?

RebelBetting is a sports arbitrage software provider that was made by ClaroBet AB, a Sweden based company of software developers and sports betting experts. Since the company launched in 2008, the software has grown to become the number one sports arbitrage software service, having over 100,000 users from more than 110 countries who make an average return of more than fifteen percent.

What is arbitrage betting?

Arbitrage Betting, also known as miraclebets, means that you get an assured profit by speculating on all probable outcomes of an event. This can be done by betting at various bookmakers or betting sites, whose odds allow you to make a profit in spite of the end result.

RebelBetting has an excellent e-book, a one-week free trial version of the platform, and a FAQ, to tell you everything you need to know about arbitrage betting.

Your chance to turn Gambling into investing

Win every sports bet that you make and cash out profits every month!

Sure betting

Win every time you bet!

+ Cover every outcome and profit on every bet;

+ Regular and  steady profits with to very little risk;

+ Probably the world’s most popular matched betting service;

– Requires a bit more time and a bigger bankroll.

Value betting

The easiest way to profit on sports betting.

+ Make bets on overpriced odds and outsmart the bookmakers;

+ Takes little time and is easy to use;

+ You do not need a large bankroll to start;

– Includes some risks and variance. Can you handle it?

How does RebelBetting work?

RebelBetting’s software (which is made for windows but also compatible with mac) organizes and presents real-time arbitrage betting opportunities for you to choose from.

Rebel Betting compares the odds of thousands of markets on a number of various betting sites to find arbitrage and match betting opportunities.

There are currently around eighty bookmakers featured in Rebel Betting which will give their users a lot of options for finding arbitrage betting opportunities.

Markets for sports that are included in RebelBetting are:

  • Horse racing;
  • Basketball;
  • Football;
  • Hockey;
  • Tennis;
  • Rugby;
  • American football;
  • Australian rules football.

RebelBetting takes the odds feed and displays them on a list that has a great user interface that is very fast and stable. The software also has very minimum crashes and bugs which is very important.

The clean user interface provides a great value in the matched betting business. The interface allows you to understand the platform very quickly and reduces time wasting so that you can start betting immediately.

Users can also filter the list so that it only displays the arbs from specific bookmakers, sports, or which bets have a maximum or minimum profit.


How to make Money using RebelBetting?

Because RebelBetting has a very user-friendly software, making money on RebelBetting is very easy even for a beginner.

The software scans all available bookmakers and is able to display profitable bets which you can analyze a little further.

When you click on a bet, it will display a lot of useful information like which betting sites to use, what the event and the market is, and what percentage of profits you will make.

The platform has its own customized calculator that will allow you to modify your stake and display the profit you will make depending on what stake you have chosen. After you pick on a bet, you already know how much money you will be making from it.

Rebelbetting sure betting service features

In addition to having a very significant number of markets and bookmakers in its lists, Rebelbetting has a few helpful features that will make profiting from arbitrage betting even smoother.

1. Autologin and Autosurf

Bookmakers can’t easily keep up with the ever-changing odds of the thousands of markets that they offer. As the betting opportunities appear they don’t last long, and if you find a profitable bet, by the time you log in and find the arbs, the odds would have changed, and the bet is not profitable anymore. This process can be very time wasting and frustrating.

RebelBetting became aware of this and introduced the Auto login and Auto surf features.

When you start using the RebelBetting platform, you can add the bookmakers you want to see and enter your login details. When you find an arbitrage bet you want to place, you can just click on the bet button, and the platform will open up and automatically log you in.

This excellent feature allows you to save time and increase the number of profitable bets you can place.

The platform also has an Auto Surf feature that will show you the market you want to bet in and also highlight the odds.

This is a very significant feature since every betting site is different and unless you know where the price and market is listed and what they are called, it can be very frustrating.

2. Arbitrage Alerts

Arbitrage bets come and go very fast, and unless you are searching at a particular time, they are very easy to miss them.

RebelBetting fixed this problem with Arbitrage Alerts.

Using this feature, you can set notifications so that you can never miss a betting opportunity. You can set filters so that you can receive a notification when a bet has a profit of a certain percentage and how to get those notifications.

Advantages of RebelBetting

Access to a lot of arbitrage Bets- RebelBetting has numerous arbitrage opportunities which you would not have been aware of without the platform. This will give you a chance to earn even more profits every day.

Auto Login and Auto Surf features- The Auto Login and Surf features help a lot in navigating the betting sites and the markets so that you can pick an arb before the odds change.

Very user-friendly – Rebel Betting is a powerful platform and also very easy to use. Beginners can sign up and start betting in minutes.

An extra way to earn money – RebelBetting provides an easy way to earn some extra cash. Arbitrage betting can be done alongside matched betting and other similar profitable methods.

A well-established company – RebelBetting has been around for over a decade which shows that it works. And with over 100,000 people from more than 100 countries, RebelBetting is one of the most respected and trusted platforms on the market.

Disadvantages of RebelBetting

Expensive. The most significant and obvious disadvantage is the price. RebelBetting is a very expensive software.

No mobile app. Rebelbetting has no mobile app which is a big minus, especially in this day and age.


Rebelbetting is a very good platform that is aimed at people that want to take their betting to the next level.

Beginners can test out the software using the free trial and a free e-book that should tell you everything you need to know about the app.

I highly recommend Rebelbetting. Although the software is not cheap, if you’re interested in sports arbitrage betting then Rebelbetting is the service for you.