Plus500 Forex Trading


Usability of platform


Minimum deposit


Investment security







  • Free $ 10,000 DEMO account
  • One of the most secure trading platforms
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Browser based trading platform


  • Very few educational materials available

If you are looking for reliable Forex broker with easy to use, mobile friendly trading platform, then this review of Plus500 may be just what you are looking for.

Introduction To Plus500

Forex and CFD trading platforms provide some of the most rewarding investment opportunities on the internet. This is especially to people who have the right tools to trade effectively.

One of the most prominent Forex & CFD trading platforms is Plus500. This particular platform is a streamlined broker that focuses trading in a wide range of financial markets. They offer considerably low spreads without commissions but without providing many extra services.

This platform was started back in 2008 and it is registered in the United Kingdom where it is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Plus500 was the first broker that introduced a bitcoin CFD back in 2013.

All the traders that use this platform are not charged any commission. The costs are contained in the spread for every of the more than two thousand trading instruments that are offered on this platform. Since it was started the company has grown significantly mainly because it is known to be reliable and easy to use when it comes to Forex trading. Its popularity has also grown because it has reliable security measures where users are assured of not losing their investments.

In this Plus500 review we are going to look at different features of this Forex trading platform.

plus500 review

Screenshot of Plus500 homepage

How Plus500 platform works

Plus500 offers access to an assortment of products which include stock indexes, Forex, commodities, equities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and other options. The company offers its services around the world with an exception to a few countries.

The minimum deposit amount is 100 pounds for credit or debit cards and 500 pounds for bank transfers. Once you have deposited the money into your bank you can choose what to invest on from the various options available.

If the value of what you have invested on rises you will have made the extra from what you had invested. The important thing is to know how to predict the performance of the various products offered on the platform. There are tools including programs which help users to predict the future performances of the various investments.

To ensure that the beginners are able to understand how the market performs there is an option to start trading without using real money. This particular option is helpful because most beginners might end up losing their money. But through this option they are able to practically learn how the system operates. After being conversant with the platform the beginners can opt to trade using real money.

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How to Start Investing with Plus500 Forex platform

The first step of starting to invest at Plus500 is opening an account. You can easily open an account through the official website. The process of opening an account is simple where you just need to provide a few personal details. The details you provide to this platform are kept secure where other people cannot access your details. After you have provided the necessary details you will get a user name and a password which you will use whenever you want to access your account. With your account you will be able to choose how you want to invest.

This platform is mobile friendly which means that you can open an account and invest through different mobile devices. The importance of this is that almost everyone in the current days owns a mobile device. With you smartphone or tablet you can invest conveniently regardless of where you are. The mobile option will give you access to all the features you would have accessed through a computer. This means that there is no difference between using a mobile device and a computer.

On this publicly traded company you will be able to tell how your investment is doing. Consequently, you will not have the anxiety of always wondering about the performance of your investment.

Open Free 10 000 DEMO Account

Overview of Plus500 website

Plus500 has a very interactive and user-friendly website. This particular website is designed in a manner where everything is arranged in a way it is easily visible. Even if you are beginner you will be able to view everything on the website. This makes it easier to navigate through the website.

This is regardless of whether you are using a mobile device or you are using a computer. You will be able to easily track your investment through this particular website. You will also be getting regular updates to let you know how your investment is doing.

The support team

This platform provides a reliable customer support team. The options to contact this support team are not many but the ones that are available are reliable. The available options are online chat and email support which are available 24/7.

There is no telephone number in which one can use when in need to contact the support team but with live chat one can easily talk to the attendants on the support desk. These attendants are friendly and well informed about all the operations of this platform. This means that they will answer almost any question that you may have.

They make sure they use the simplest language so that even people who are not conversant with this kind of trading can understand. They also try as much as possible to respond as quickly as possible especially when it comes to emails. This has helped a lot of people especially the new users and the users who might have issues with their investments.

Pros of Plus500

  • Offers access to more than two thousand trading instruments;
  • The platform provides some of the lowest commissions and spreads in the market;
  • Users have the option to use different specified cryptocurrencies;
  • It is possible to withdraw or deposit using debit or credit cards;
  • Withdrawing five times or less in a month is free;
  • The platform is user friendly especially for beginners.
secure trading plus500

Plus500 is really secure Forex trading platform

Cons of Plus500

  • Very few educational materials available;
  • The WebTrader provided by this platform cannot be paired with other platforms or trading tools.


This Plus500 review shows that this Forex and CFD trading platform is ideal for anyone who would like to make money conveniently.

The platform is registered and certified which means that all the users are assured of its legitimacy. This is important especially in the current days where there are many illegitimate platforms. The platform even provides its license number so that the users can confirm that it is legitimate.

Furthermore, this broker provides a number of incentives which are meant to make Forex trading easier. This is especially to the beginners who might not understand about Forex trading. Therefore, even if there are a number of issues which can be easily resolved,

Plus500 is an ideal forex & CFD trading platform with an assortment of helpful features.

Open Free 10 000 DEMO Account