Are you blessed with a gift for creating unique artistic designs? Do witty or inspirational quips just appear in your head? If this is you, you need to start turning your creativity into wealth. Thanks to Printful, this has never been easier.

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For years now, Printful has been helping artists and other creative types around the world to become entrepreneurs. The platform accomplishes this with its unique dropshipping service that lets creative people develop designs that Printful prints, sells and delivers on their behalf.

This unique print on-demand dropshipping service has helped hundreds of people reach a global market of clients that love their designs.

Let’s take a look at some successful entrepreneurs who have been able to build thriving e-commerce businesses thanks to Printful’s unique dropshipping model.

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Printful success store #1 – Love MPLS Parks

lovemplsparks printful review

Website: Love MPLS Parks

Product range: Posters and T-shirts

Love MPLS Parks review

Love MPLS Parks was started by Dan Woychick in November 2014. By the following month, his online store had sold $1,500 worth of merchandise thanks to Printful.

Long before 2014, Woychick already had the business idea to sell Minneapolis parks-themed merchandise, but couldn’t find a cost-effective way to get it done.

That all changed the day he heard about Printful and he hasn’t looked back since then. With Printful, Woychick is able to have merchandise from his online store delivered to customers within and outside the US.

Asides from posters and t-shirts, his store also offer caps and totes, but his t-shirts are his biggest sellers.

The best part is he doesn’t have to stock up merchandise as Printful prints and delivers all orders on-demand.

Printful success store #2 – Grafomap

grafomap printful review

Website: Grafomap

Product range: Maps

Grafomap review

Grafomap was created by Rihards Piks and his team about a year ago. In that short time, this map maker has grown from being an unknown name to a company whose designer maps are in high demand.

Piks’ idea to start an ecommerce business stewed in his mind for a long time, but he was uncertain about how to get started or even what to sell. This all changed when he discovered OpenStreetMaps and Printful’s on-demand printing and dropshipping service.

Before settling on Printful, the Grafomap team tried as many popular print-on-demand services as they could. Printful was the most expensive but their quality was also the best and most consistent. This meant that the dropshipping company could be relied on to deliver the quality of maps Grafomap promised its clients.

With Printful handling printing and order delivery, Grafdom has been able to focus on expanding their business and have reached more customers in little time.

Printful success store #3 – Nick’s Wood Shop

nicks wood shop printful review

Website: Nick’s Wood Shop

Product range: Apparel and wooden handcrafted goods

Nick’s Wood Shop review

Nick’s Wood Shop was started in 2014 by Nick Endle. Nick’s business was initially focused on selling only handcrafted home goods made from wood. But one day, he had the bright idea to promote his business with apparel carrying his snazzy logo.

A bit of research later and he discovered how Printful could help him achieve this with little cost and zero stress on his part. After connecting his online store to Printful, his marketing plan took off like a rocket, generating impressive brand awareness among locals and outside customers alike.

Thanks to Printful, Nick’s biggest problem now is making sure he has enough stock to meet the demands of his ever growing legion of customers.

Maybe he should outsource woodwork to Printful too.

Printful success store #4 – Iconspeak

iconspeak printful review

Website: Iconspeak

Product range: Sign language apparel, bags and phone cases

Iconspeak review

This unique enterprise was started by Georg and Florian in 2015. Their idea was simple – make t-shirts that contained symbols that travellers could use to communicate with locals in non-English speaking countries.

At first, business was slow. But after appearing on CNN and a popular Australian travel blog, orders started to flow in faster than Georg and Florian could handle. With customers placing orders from more than 80 countries, the partners needed to outsource. But to who?

Their solution came in the form of Printful.

The dropshipping company accepted orders, processed them and made deliveries on behalf of Iconspeak without the partners having to get involved. Now, Georg and Florian are more focused on turning their company into an even bigger global success.

Printful success store #5 – District of Clothing

district of clothing printful review

Website: District of Clothing

Product range: Clothing

District of Clothing review

36-year-old Dionna Dorsey started District of Clothing, an online clothing store, with a vision. Five years later and her company has grown even bigger than her vision.

Because of her line of work, graphic designer/creative director, Dorsey was always surrounded by creative types and she wanted to share some of that creativity with the world. This led her to start District of Clothing in 2014.

What makes her merchandise unique is her clothing all carry some form of inspirational message. This includes the hats and kidswear available on her store.

But since she also has a full-time job, Dorsey needed a partner she could trust to take care of order fulfilments, printing and deliveries. Printful became that partner and Dorsey’s success story has only gotten sweeter.

Printful success store #6 – PAL Campaign

pal campaign printful review

Website: PAL Campaign

Product range: Catholic t-shirts, apparel, clothing and gifts

PAL Campaign review

PAL Campaign, or Peace and Love Campaign, started off as a church project as founder, Joe Kim sought to improve the quality of branded t-shirts delivered to his church.

Once other churches saw how awesome Kim’s designs were, they all wanted one of their own. Now, Kim has a global legion of fans who love his unique design and Printful helps him reach every one of them through their dropshipping service.

Printful success store #7 – iLikeMaps

ilikemaps printful review

Website: iLikeMaps

Product range: Maps

iLikeMaps review

Olivier Gratton-Gagné started iLikeMaps in 2012. The online store specializes in selling artsy map posters.

At first, Olivier struggled to get his maps printed at the quality he desired. But once Etsy began to allow third-party print-on-demand dropshipping, everything changed. He experimented with a few print-on-demand companies until he found Printful. After his first transaction with them, he was hooked.

Now he has customers coming in from everywhere and has been able to quit his job in marketing to become a full-time business owner.
If you’ve got a creative idea of your own, don’t let it go to waste.

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