Bulkestate Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform


Return on investments


Usability of platform




Investment security


Min. deposit



  • Above average ROI - over 14%
  • Zero loan default rate
  • Transparent platform and easy to use platform
  • Minimum deposit of 50 euro


  • No buyback guarantee
  • No secondary market

I have always been interested in real estate crowdfunding because it is a convenient way of making good returns. As I was comparing different platforms that provide these services I came across Bulkestate. On this Bulkestate review I will share insightful information about this platform and how it operates.

What is Bulkestate?

This is a crowdfunding and group buying platform that gives people opportunities to invest in real estate. The platform has been providing investment opportunities for a considerable period of time where so far more than 2000 investments have already been made. This clearly shows that the company has enough experience in this field. The platform combines both lending and group buying which makes it unique compared to other P2P platforms. Using the platform is free and as a result more people get an opportunity to invest in real estate.

How Does It Work?

bulkestate statistics

Bulkestate investing platform statistics. 14.27% average annual return is about 2% above the average ROI in P2P investments

Bulkestate works in a simple manner where the available real estate projects are listed on the platform’s website. From the available projects you can choose the ones to invest on depending on preferences. The minimal amount you can invest is 50 EUR and the loans terms are about 12 months. After investing you will get the interest for the loan after the loan period has been completed. The interest on the loans is a minimum of 14% with most loans ranging between 14% and 17%.

There is also the real estate group-buying option where you can be able to invest as a group. This happens when an owner of an apartment building seeks to sell all the units on the building. In such a situation you can invest on a single unit or a number of units which you will buy together with other investors. You just need to reserve the particular unit/s you want and then wait for the project to reach the reservation target.

All the loans that are offered by this platform are secured with mortgages. All the projects that are listed are carefully evaluated prior to being listed. This is to ensure that all the listed projects are viable and are able to give good returns. But the loans that are on the platform do not have the protection of buyback guarantee. In case the payment is delayed for up to fifteen days the platform contacts the borrower to establish the reasons for the delay. In case the platform is not satisfied by the reasons given it has the right to terminate the contract of the loan and request immediate repayment. This ensures that the investments done by the users are safe despite not having buyback guarantee.

Start investing with Bulkestate from only 50 EUR

Step by Step Guide How to Invest In Bulkestate

To effectively invest on this platform you will need to be above eighteen years. The very first step is to set up an investor account which is the one that you will be using to transact on this platform. To get an account you just need to provide a few basic details such as your address and your contact details. Once you get an account you can easily transfer funds from your bank to the account. You will get to see the available investment opportunities that are available on the platform and you choose the one you prefer. The projects are not many but the ones that are available have relatively high returns.

Besides investing manually, you can also choose the auto-invest option. This particular option invests your free funds automatically in loans depending on your investment criteria. When you choose the auto-invest option you do not have to keep on monitoring what is going on with your investments. Instead, there is a tool that monitors the investments including giving you updates on what is going on with your investments.

The main benefits of using the auto invest tool include:

• Easy to install and use
• You get time to do other things
• The investments done are usually very rewarding
• You can stop the tool any time you want

bulkestate investment objects

Start investing with Bulkestate from only 50 EUR

The Website and Its Features

This real estate crowdfunding and group buying platform has a modern website which can be accessed even through mobile devices. The fact that the website is mobile devices compatible means that you can transact even while on the go. This website is friendly and very interactive. You get to see all the details regarding the platform including the contact details from the website. Even if you are new to P2P companies you will get to learn easily from the website. All the details are segregated into sections where you can go straight to what you want. The fact that there are not so many investment opportunities means that there are no delays. Consequently you can navigate through the website easily without experiencing unnecessary delays.

The Support Team

On this platform there is a helpful support team that is always ready to answer any question that you might have. This team is made up of well informed and friendly attendants who can answer almost any question regarding the platform. Whenever you make an inquiry regarding different issues the support team ensures you get help within the shortest time possible. This is one way of Bulkestate ensuring that all the users are optimally satisfied.

The good things about investing in Bulkestate

• A straight forward website
• Stability when it comes to the interest rates
• Availability of group-buying option
• A helpful and reliable support team
• A low minimum investment amount
• Zero loan default rate

The not-so-good things about investing in Bulkestate

• The loans that are listed on the platform do not have buyback guarantees
• There is no secondary market for people who would like to liquidate their assets within a short time

Final Verdict

This Bulkestate review shows that this platform provides people with opportunities to make money through crowdfunding investment. The availability of real estate group-buying option further gives people more options to choose from depending on how they want to invest. The experience of this company in real estate provides it with the necessary insight on the provision of quality services. This platform has also embraced modern technology to ensure it serves all the users in a better manner. Even if there are a few issues which need to be improved, it is evident that Bulkestate is among the top real estate crowdfunding and group buying platforms.

Start investing with Bulkestate from only 50 EUR