Guest Post Guidelines

If you’re reading these guidelines, then that probably means that you have some interest in contributing content to our blog. For that we are extremely flattered and appreciative.

Before we, or you, get too excited though we want to make sure to clearly communicate what we will and will not accept as content for this blog.

Please read the following guest post guidelines below.

If your content or content idea meets 100% of the guidelines, then we would absolutely love to speak with you and possibly feature your content. And if not, then we ask that you please not inquire with us about posting your content as such inquiries will be ignored.

Guidelines for All Contributed Content

For guest content to be considered on, the content must….

  1. Be specific to online marketing, P2P investing, make money online opportunities (not clicking on ads!), Betfair trading, real estate, original marketing ideas. Actually, submit your topic and we will answer with Yes/No;
  2. Be at least 1000 words and very detailed in nature with properly cited sources. We may consider shorter posts if the quality and subject matter is appealing enough;
  3. Not aggressively pitch or sell a single product or service. Product / service comparisons and roundups are acceptable.
  4. Be delivered as a Google Doc for easy collaboration and sharing;
  5. Not regurgitate content of an existing post on our blog.

Examples of article topics we would accept:

  • Three Original Ways To Make Money With Facebook Ads
  • Why People Are Investing In P2P Platforms

Examples of article topics we would not accept:

  • How To Make Money Online By Clicking Ads
  • How To Become Rich Overnight

So, do you have a content idea that meets our guidelines above and want to have it featured on our blog? Then send us a message via form on Contacts page.