I have noticed that most people who are willing to earn money online, want to do it quickly. Without acquisition of new knowledge, without time devotion to idea research and without doing real work. This information I did not grab from thin air, almost every day I receive questions about this topic, I have been running websites like this for years.

Imagine a situation – if someone really would discover a way how to earn money online easy, quickly and without any knowledge. Would they be talking about it? Would they be making a blog and show everyone, what kind of house they managed to build for that money, and what kind of car they are driving? Name me at least one reason why they would want to share such discovery! When everybody starts doing so, this opportunity is lost instantly!

I have spent countless hours, read hundreds of informational articles in order to be able to say now that I succeed in earning online. Was it easy – of course, not, but it was interesting for me!

In this website You can find tens of ways how to earn money both online and offline.

I have earned money online in the following ways:

Affiliate marketing

The companies pay me for new client attraction to their business. On this website I have located lots of affiliate links. I you will click on any of them, you will be redirected to web pages of other companies. If You become a client of these companies, I will be paid a commission.


I have owned two dropshipping businesses and DiscoverLatvia.eu ir active still today. My first attempt in this business was 5 years ago, when in cooperation with England’s Devilwear I created an internet store based on dropshipping business model.

Forex trading

I have spent tens of hours learning about Forex markets. A while ago simplified Forex trading model was enjoying the peak popularity – binary options and I spent much more time exploring this business opportunity.

If You want to learn more about Forex trading, give a chance to Admiral Markets Free $10 000 DEMO Account:

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Website design

During the time I was studying at the university I learned homepage design based on WordPress platform. On this very platform the first version of OnlineMoneySpy.com was made, which was a complete bust though. Nevertheless, the skills I obtained proved to be very useful and I continue creating websites even today – and for significantly larger sums than that very first page!

Social network marketing

Social network marketing is clearly a great channel for advertising OnlineMoneySpy.com and my other online projects! But I have earned money also helping in provision of social network marketing to other companies. This is not difficult, but takes time, takes planning in a way and visual material preparation takes time, this is why so many companies are choosing to outsource this work, so they can continue focusing on the main topics of their business.

E-mail marketing

There is one extraordinary tool which is an integral part of the this website. I have helped companies to set up this marketing channel and developed its strategy.

Google Adsense

It is difficult… to earn much money with Google AdSense! Almost impossible in Latvia, but definetely possible in global scale! I saved my first withdrawal for 8! months!!! Today I receive a text message from a bank that Google has transferred me funds each third month. Have You ever received money from Google?

This article could go on, but now I will focus on slightly more spicy profit possibilities online – gambling and systems.

Bookmakers’ bonuses

Earning money online from bookmakers’ bonuses is my absolute favorite, if we are talking about quick gains online! By the way, I needed only 3 months in order to buy my first car when I was 18, thanks to the bookmakers’ bonus earning opportunity. Back then when the grass was greener, I could earn 300-500 lats per month, which was a lot. Currently using this system, You can earn a little bit over 100 euros, but if You follow a system, it can be accomplished in one night! I do recommend You to try!


Casino! Yes, I have gambled in a casino! And I have been lucky! Here I should emphasize the word ‘luck’, because casino is gambling and in gambling the winners are the ones who are lucky! The best memory about the casino is many years old. I received an e-mail that I have been awarded 10 free spins in the online casino website. Without hesitation I rushed to use the opportunity and as a result transferred 200 euros to my account in that very night – not bad, is it? If You too want to receive such e-mail offers, have a look at this page.

Pay-day or short term loans

Others get ripped off, I earn money! I will not go into detail here, but it You are interested in this, check out this page.

Sports trading

If I had to count how much time I have spent doing this… It i san exciting money making opportunity online, if You are interested in sports. I did not manage to truly earn here, but all is possible with the service GoalProfits! You should definitely read Review of this Football trading service.

This is the short version of an answer to the question – how I made money online.

So much is possible but be advised not to make my mistake – to try it all.

The quickest results can be achieved by focusing on one thing. So, You should decide how You would like to earn money online and commit to this path.




If You have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will try to answer your inquiries. But please, do not ask me – how to make money online, how to profit online, where is the money etc. I do not have answers to such vague questions!

P.S. Would You be ready to spend Your Thursday evening writing something like that?