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I have been interested in finding the best ways how to earn money online for about 8 years now. I have explored different ways you can make money online, feel free to read other posts on this website! Today I`ll be reviewing one of the best Sport Betting tipping services.

Can you make money online from betting tips that are available on the web?

Yeah, it is possible! You can find many professional tipsters making hundreds and thousands of dollars every day or month. This review is about Betting Gods professional sport tipster service.

horse racing tipster

30.42% Return On Investment – can you imagine better investment?

Betting Gods Review- An Overview:

Betting Gods, is professional Tipster Management Platform which offers valuable tips on the sports betting of football, tennis, horse racing and other sports. They hold a 16-week proofing process of tipsters, which should be taken in account by the service users as guarantee of quality. So you can be sure, that every tipster on Betting Gods will be good or really good. Each tipster is overlooked, and the one who fails to perform well is taken out of the process.

Pros and Cons of Betting Gods Tipping service:

Before we look at the detailed Betting Gods review, let me come up with some advantages and drawbacks of Betting God Tipsters.

Some of the benefits include:

● Ongoing auditing of every tipster;
● Established tipsters;
● Plenty of sports available;
● Extra-ordinary customer support;
● Outstanding proofing protocol;
● One of the most trusted and preferred service for people looking for professional sports tips.

While considering negatives, I was not able to find much, and the only thing that I did not like was the price, which is too high for a few tipsters in this service (but you always can choose others, which are cheaper). But looking from the other side, cheaper means lower quality, so it is up to you to decide.

Try Betting Gods service for only £1

What does the Professional Sports Tipster provide?

Betting gods is one of the simpliest tipster service out there, you can select your favorite sports and the range of tipsters from the list to get started and start your betting journey. Every bet is different as each tipster will deal with only one sport. For example, a football tipster will offer you advice on the first goal scorers odds, correct score, over / under 2.5 goals and other related markets. Apart from this, they provide you with a suggestion on what stake level should you use. Remember, that a good money management is half of a victory!

By following these tips carefully, you will be able to achieve overall profit in a long run. Please, be aware, that there may be loosing streaks in betting, so you must be patient and look at results in a long run (one to six months). Betting Gods also have a blog section which provides you with the latest updates like upcoming sports events, sports tips and more. Customer support in this tipster service is excellent, be sure to ask your questions to them regarding any tipster or sport.

Choose from more than 20 tipsters!

How to get started with Betting Gods?

You can start using Betting Gods service in  a few simple steps! Register with any paid service from Betting Gods and then log in. Follow the tipsters you prefer by looking at the list. Choose the one who has a good profit in a long run. You can try the free trial for only £1 and get to know about different services and tipsters available. Just try to remember to cancel the ones that you don’t like within 30 days or you will be charged for the full price.

Make sure to review your betting results from time to time, in order to get the best results from this service. If some tipsters are performing bad, just remove them from your subscription and choose other ones, that have better track record. Your betting bank should grow steadily when using professional sports tipsters, but if it is not, then you should look for some tweaks in your tipster portfolio. You can look for new tipsters anytime and try tipsters which seems interesting to you.

Who are Behind the Professional Sports Tipster?

Tipsters from all around the world run Betting Gods professional tipping service. You can find new experts regularly in Betting Gods service, so that you should be the one who needs to be more careful in choosing the best tipsters from the list. The owner and founder of the Betting God Tipster is Darren Moore.

Try Betting Gods service for only £1

Interested in becoming a tipster?

Becoming a tipster is simple, all you need is to proof Return On Investment of your bets for four months. This incubation process is made to analyze the tipsters, and once you have passed the proofing process, the services and prices will be discussed and then launched to the Betting Gods network. Tipsters whose performance is good can earn between $400 – $1,500  per month, which is nice extra income source.

What tipsters are available?

There are about 20 professional tipsters to choose from, covering horse racing, football, e-sports, greyhounds boxing, Golf and other sports. All these tipsters are managed effectively by the service administration staff, Betting Gods deserve a significant appreciation for keeping the ROI figures up. Till now, they have paid about $700,000 in commissions to tipsters.

I will not be able to cover all 20 tipsters but here are some details about the top ones:

Quentin Franks Racing is one of the most popular tipsters of Betting Gods service

Quentin Franks Racing:

Quentin Franks Racing is one of the best tipster of the horse racing sport from Betting gods which has been included in the list since its launch. The Quentin Franks Racing has a good track record that most of the tipsters don’t have. This tipster has made a profit of about of £10,000 from 2014 by utilizing £10 stakes, as the  statement included in their website shows. It has 23% strike rate, and this is excellent compared to other tipsters on this service.

Golf Betting Expert:

Based on the statement included in the Betting Gods site, the tipsters earns an average of £306 per month by using £10 stakes. You should be more patiet with this service as they include betting on odds like 200 or 1/200. If you do not know what it means yet, then if you place a bet of £1 on odds of 200, you will win £200 from this £1 bet . The odds will be lower on most bets as the majority of bets are placed on Each Way market. The current strike rate of the Golf Betting Experts is just under 9%, which is incredibly high, knowing at what odds his bets are placed.

Chloe’s Football Focus:

I found this to be a trustworthy tipster and you will be provided with one to two bets a day if you decide to subscribe. Based on the statement of the Betting Gods website, this tipster has a profit of £7000 since 2017 of June, and that is some serious money, knowing, that stake amount is only £10. The current strike rate of Chloe’s Football Focus is 28%. The service is specialized in Football Under/Over bets.


There is no doubts that many punters are having fun, enjoying and earning more money with Betting Gods, a professional sports tipsters in the industry. If you are a full time bettor then this would be the perfect service for you. People who are new to the betting industry are also welcome to try out this excellent betting tips service.

I hope that you did get a better understanding of what is Betting Gods from this review. So what are your thoughts on this service? How many of you have tried it? Any other details or thoughts regarding this tipster service? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Try Betting Gods service for only £1