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  • Strike rate of 92%
  • Possible trebles reduced from 86 to just 8
  • Yearly subscription costs only € 9.99
  • Allows to automate betting


  • User interface could be better

Betting and gambling can easily be said to be among the largest contributors to the world economy. Even though the enterprise and the acts of gambling have been condemned by some religions and even banned in some countries, they continue to boom and thrive. The main reason for the recent expansion of the industry is the aspect of digitization.

Today, you do not have to be at a specific location to place your bet; all you need is to have a mobile device like a phone or a tablet. The range of activities or events you can bet on has also increased rapidly over the years. The most popular and most common event that people bet on is soccer or football. This is because it is a globally unifying factor that all people participate in.

XSqaure Sports is offering some unique and original way of sports betting on doubles and trebles, so let’s review, what exactly they are offering and how it is working.

What is XSquare Sports?

Due to the increased demand and desire for betting among many people in the world, many betting platforms have been established. One of the most popular betting sites is XSquare Sports. As the name suggests, this is a betting site that not only allows you to bet on the outcomes of soccer alone, but other games as well.

The betting system is inspired by the game that is referred to most as Tic-tac-toe by most people, or Noughts and Crosses. Many people prefer betting on the site because it is easy and there is a wide range of events you can bet on. In addition to soccer, you can also bet on basketball, and horse racing among other games.

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How does XSquare Sports work?

As previously mentioned, it is pretty simple to bet using this site. Many people ask whether you need to place it with the software. This is a personal choice you make depending on your own preference and convenience, but the site works perfectly either way. The only thing you need before you get access to use the site for betting is to open an account with a bookmakers and register. In most cases, it is more lucrative and convenient to place your combination of bets using the bet365.

When you are betting on football, basketball or horse racing, make 9 selections, then place your stakes. This is all you need to do and leave the rest for the site. The site engine will then produce the best 8 combinations of trebles. This means that instead of getting 86 possible combinations, you get 8 possible combinations. Once you have placed your stakes, the site engine will give you the suggested stakes for all the trebles that have been produced. The process may appear to be complex but with time, it gets easier.


xsquare sports interface

How to make money with XSquare Sports?

The amount of money you are likely to win is greatly influenced by the number of odds you pick. With the XSquare Sports site, there is no limitation or restriction on the number of odds you can choose when you are placing your bets. However, the recommended odds are those that are close to 2.00 or higher than 2. In most cases even numbers have higher chances of winning and you should try to ensure you pick odds that are either close to 2 or a higher number than 2 that is even. Getting returns on your money back with one treble means that you have to find a treble that will bring back 8 times of the money you bet with. This can be achieved by the use of 3 selections that will cost 2.00.

When you place your bets at a position that has been predetermined using the steps above as a guideline from the lower to higher odds, you stand a higher chance of winning. This happens to be the case even though the most important factor that determines whether or not you win is the selections you make. The XSquare Sport site has been run through more than 100 systems and it has been checked and proven to produce winning returns in about 92% of the cases.

You can see how XSquare Sports service works in detail in their website – How it Works.

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xsquare doubles trembles

Advantages of this betting service

  • It reduces the possible combinations from 86 to 8 making your work significantly easier;
  • It is easy to use. The betting site makes it easy for you when betting because there is a provision for dragging and dropping the selections you make;
  • The calculation for the odds of winning is also done for you automatically. In addition to greatly reducing the margin of error, it increases your winning chances;
  • You are able to easily interact with the finished events;
  • It gives you better value for your money when you are betting on events in sports;
  • Easy completion of the grid. When you are filling the grid without the use of the XSquare Sports, you would have to fill in the grid following 8 steps. This means that the site helps you save time while still ensuring the accuracy of your bets and stakes.

Disadvantages of this betting service

  • The only disadvantage of the system is that the user interface is not very good, even though it is still better than most. As such, some complications and delays may occur when you are using the site. However, this is not a common occurrence.


Betting may appear to be a complex process that requires a lot of studying and analysis. However, to make the process easier, betting sites have been developed all over the world. The major advantage of these sites is that they enable people to bet from any place in the word without restrictions or extra charges.

XSquare Sports site is the best site so far for people that are looking to place their bets on sports events. The site has been tested very many times over 100 systems and it has been proven to have the highest possibility of wining.

According to the tests, the site produces winning returns in 92% of the cases. The other advantage of the site that sets it apart from the rest is that it reduces the number of possible combinations from 86 to 8, increasing your odds of winning. When you want to place winning bets, the XSquare Sports site is the best for you.

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