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  • Good returns on investments
  • Transparent platform
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Minimum deposit only 100 EUR
  • Diverse investment opportunities


  • No buyback guarantee is a peer to peer investment platform that focuses on financing real estate and cash flow businesses. Boldyield is a company founded by Latvian entrepreneurs. This P2P lending platform has a close connection with Realto, a well-known real estate company in Latvia.

How does the P2P platform work?

boldyield investment process

The investment process on the Boldyield peer-to-peer platform is very simple:

  1. You need to open investor account. You will need to provide your personal details, prove your identity with an ID or passport photo, and prove your residential address. These are the standard requirements for any financial platform.
  2. After successful registration, you will be able to research and choose projects in which to invest money. Projects have different degrees of risk, which will also determine how much return on your investment will be made.
  3. Once you have selected the project, you will need to deposit money to your investor’s account. Money deposits are made by direct bank transfer, which guarantees that the funds go directly to Boldyield bank account.
  4. Once you have deposited the money, with a few clicks you will be able to invest in the projects you like and start making money. You will always be able to see your profit in the investor profile section.

Open Boldyield account and start investing today from 100 EUR!

Why invest in

  • In the Boldyield platform, the minimum investment is only 100Є, which allows everyone to start investing and earn interest.
  • Each Boldyield partner must provide collateral to receive a loan. This serves as a guarantee that all investors will receive their funds and interest.
  • A great alternative to a bank savings account. Nowadays, you may even have to pay a little extra to keep money in your bank savings account. The Boldyield investment platform is a great alternative that provides a really high return on investment.
  • Boldyield always provides transparency. Investors can access information about their investments and the latest project news.
  • Everything is clearly written on the Boldyield terms and conditions page. It explains exactly how the investment process works, what the company’s duties and responsibilities are and what fees apply to all parties.
  • Boldyield complies with the rules and all applicable laws that apply to sales and marketing activities, ensuring that risks and potential returns are reflected in a reasonable and balanced manner.
  • Yield calculator. Homepage of the Boldyield platform has a handy return on investment calculator that will help you understand what profits can be made with the funds available to you.

Examples of Boldyield investment projects

The Boldyield platform offers a very diverse range of projects. Looking at this platform, you will find, for example, a solar panel installation financing project, a guest house reconstruction project, an electric car charging station network expansion project, a vegan restaurant loan refinancing project and more interesting projects. Some of the projects are already fully funded, but others can are open to new investors.

For each project you will see its return on investment, risk class and investment period. When opening a project, you will be able to read a detailed description of the company for which these funds are collected, the objectives of the project, get acquainted with the SWOT analysis of the project, etc.  This information will allow you to make informed decisions about whether you want to invest your money in this project.

Open Boldyield account and start investing today from 100 EUR!

Investor panel

investor dashboard

One of the best things about the Boldyield platform is its easy-to-understand design. Anything can be found with a few clicks. Everything is clear in the investor panel – here you will find all the necessary information about your investments.

As you can see, I have made 100€ deposit and invested it in one of the cash flow business projects. Account value number allready shows my expected profits.

Refer a friend and earn 1% of his investment

Boldyield offers its customers to make extra money by recommending the platform to others. In your investor panel you will find a button “Refer a friend”, which, when clicked, will copy your unique link. By forwarding this link to your friends or sharing it on social networks, you will receive 1% of your friends investments in the Boldyield platform. For example, if your friend registers through your unique link and invests 10,000Є during the year, you will receive a 100Є bonus from the Boldyield platform.

Open Boldyield account and start investing today from 100 EUR!