Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has become a popular way to earn money on the internet. This way of earning has gained popularity among students because it doesn’t need a lot of investments, but it may bring great profit. The principle of the affiliate marketing is very simple, I’ll describe it step-by-step

1. You register at one of the affiliate marketing network.

2. You insert banners and links that advertise a specific product (, shopify etc.) in your website or blog.

3. If anyone on your website clicks on these ads and/or buys the product advertised, the affiliate network receives commission and you receive a specific percentage of it later on.

Here you can see the principle of the affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing explained


The possibilities in the affiliate marketing are quite big because you can advertise practically anything – clothes, software, cars, etc. But the competition is large as well because there are many people who want to earn money easily. Every product that is advertised probably has tens of similar pages where the products are compared, praised or slandered.

The markets of smaller countries can be quite saturated and it is difficult to enter them, also, the target audience you can reach by writing in your native language is lower that 2 millions. When writing in English the target audience numbers grow significantly, as well as the purchasing capacity of the foreign people will be bigger. So if you plan on creating your first affiliate website, I would recommend doing it in English.

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