Crowdestor Real Estate Investment Platform


Return on investments


Usability of platform




Investment security


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  • Good returns on investments
  • Transparent platform
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Minimum deposit only 100 EUR


  • No buyback guarantee

I came across Crowdestor as I was looking for an appropriate crowdfunding platform. I had gone through various platforms which offered various offers but I did not find exactly what I wanted. So when I came across Crowdestor I became curious and decided to learn more about this platform. On this Crowdestor review I will share my experiences including what I learnt about this particular platform.

What is Crowdestor?

Crowdestor is real estate investing platform, which gives everyone the opportunity to invest directly in real estate and business projects without middlemen and hidden conditions or costs. With Crowdestor you can start investing from 100 euro with an annual interest rate starting from 12%.

crowdestor real estate investment platform

Company Details

Crowdestor is relatively new, as it was started as a real estate crowdfunding platform in the beginning of 2018 by is started by the CEO Janis Timma and Gunars Udris. Company headquarters are in Riga, Latvia but it also has an office in Tallinn,  Estonia. In total, they are 6 people working at Crowdestor right now. the investors had cumulative investments of more than EUR 600, 000. More than 1, 000 investors have joined the platform so far and more than nine projects were funded in 2018. When I saw these details I was even more curious because it seemed like a promising opportunity to make money. 1, 000 investors can`t go wrong!

Another important aspect I learnt about this platform is that the company is always involved in the projects it handles. The company invests between two to ten percent in the projects and at times the company helps in the development of the projects. This gave me confidence because it showed that the company has some kind of control on the projects that it handles.

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Signing Up at Crowdestor Platform

I was able to join the platform in a simple and convenient manner. The registration process is similar to many other platforms. You can also join through Google account or through Facebook. It is also possible to join using email address and reliable password. The conditions for joining include being over eighteen years and to have a European bank account. One can also use an EEA bank account which is a bank account from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. After you have registered you will need to provide more details which are: personal identification documents ( copy of ID card or passport), country, address, date of birth, email address, phone number, bank information and your PIN code which is the one used to approve various transactions.

Investment Process in Crowdestor

Minimum amount you can invest in Crowdestor real estate investing platform is EUR 100. Once the money gets into your account you can start investing in the project you prefer immediately. The platform offers an interest rate of from 13% and in some cases the interest rates goes even to 36%. Majority of the loans in this platform are short term where the maximum loan period is twelve months. You will need to deduct tax on your investment and send the details to the relevant tax agency.

There are an diversified assortment of investment opportunities on this platform including real estate, transport, business and startup projects. This is meant to provide the investors with options to choose from. Even if the projects are not as many as in some other platforms, there are opportunities to diversify effectively and therefore secure your investments. I got all the information about the various projects including the summary of the projects, the terms of the loans, type of loans, interest rates, interest payment, pictures, locations, the files that need to be downloaded and the collateral among others. This gave me a better understanding of the projects and I was able to make an informed decision while choosing the investment to put my money on.

Three reasons why to invest in real estate with Crowdestor:

  1. If you made an investment before the campaign deadline, you will be rewarded with extra interest for those days;
  2. Even if the project is not successfully funded, you will still be paid the interest rate for the days between your investment and the deadline of the project fundraising campaign.
  3. Crowdestor respects their clients security and transparency. They are doing their best to make sure all investors can have the assurance that they are making the right decision. To guarantee this two crucial factors they will always be involved in all projects either as co-financiers or co-developers.

crowdestor current investments

Thoughts on Crowdestor website

This crowdfunding investment platform has a basic website but it has all the necessary details. This website is friendly and I was able to navigate easily without delays. The fact that there are just a few projects and that means that the website is not overwhelmed with tons of traffic. This website is mobile friendly and it can be used smartphones easily. There are different languages options including English, Polish and German. When you open the website you get to get an overview of the current investment opportunities. You also get to understand more about the company including the kind of services that it provides.

Open Crowdestor account now and start investing in real estate today from 100 EUR!

Customer support

I needed some clarification about some specific details regarding various investments. I got a reply within a short time with all the details that I had requested. This was helpful because it also played a role in helping me make an informed decision. I was also able to visit the pages of this company on various social media platform. This gave me an opportunity to interact with other investor and see their sentiments towards the company. There are also regular updates on the social media platforms which help a lot in letting the investor know what is going on with the company.

Future Prospects and Improvements

I got assurance from the management of Crowdestor that certain aspects of the company will be improved in the near future. Some of the expected improvements include the introduction of buyback guarantee. Even though there is no loans that have defaulted up to now, some investors would like the introduction of buyback guarantee. This lets the investors have more confidence that their investments are safe and their money can be accessed easily. This is a common practice when it comes to real estate but the company has promised to put in place the necessary measures.

I get monthly updates where I receive emails outlining the new opportunities from the company. These updates also show what has been happening and this lets me know how my investment is being handled. This gives me the assurance that I made the right decision while choosing this particular crowd funding platform.

Final Verdict

Crowdestor is a relatively new platform compared to some other bigger platforms. In fact, I was skeptical because I thought that by being relatively new will mean that the company does not have the necessary experience. But after I joined I have come to see that besides being young the company has put measures in place to serve all the investors. The fact that the company still has plans of progressing further makes the available opportunities even more enticing. Having different investment opportunities also allows me and other investors to diversify. Therefore, I conclude that Crowdestor is an ideal crowdfunding investment platform that has the ability to serve the investors effectively.

Open Crowdestor account now and start investing in real estate today from 100 EUR!