Betting strategies

Sports Arbitrage

Sports arbitrage Sport arbitrage involves placing bets on both outcomes of a sporting event, with the goal of making a profit regardless of the outcome. This strategy is also known as surebets, matched betting. The Strategy: As previous mentioned, the main goal of...

Martingale Betting Strategy

Martingale Betting Strategy Martingale theory of probabilities is very often used as a gambling strategy. Sports betting is not an exception! You can use this strategy to bet on your favourite sports team or sportsman. The Strategy: In this strategy you need to choose...

Casino strategies

poker strategies

Pokerstrategy poker school review

POKER Poker is the world’s most popular card game. This game is very popular in the Internet as well, so there are many online poker sites. Unfortunately there are no risk-free strategies in this game that can help you to always win. Knowledge and the ability to act...

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