Mintos Peer-to-Peer Investment Platform


Return on investments


Usability of platform




Investment security


Min. deposit



  • Minimum deposit only 10 EUR
  • Buy Back guarantee
  • Transparent and easy to use platform
  • Diversified investments
  • Auto-invest function


  • No significant drawbacks

I have always heard different people talking about peer to peer investing platforms. But I did not know exactly what this was and as a result I decided to do more research. I eventually came across Mintos which looked like a promising platform. I decided to invest some money in this platform and in this Mintos review I will share my experience.

What is Mintos?

Mintos is a P2P investment platform that connects lending companies with willing investors in different parts of the world. The company allows investors to choose from different types of loans including mortgages, business loans, car loans, consumer loans and agriculture loans. The minimum amount that one can invest is only 10 Euros and the annual returns are a minimum of 5.5 % and goes up to even 20%.

how mintos works

Easy to understand visualization of how Mintos peer-to-peer investment platform works

Company Details

This platform was started in 2014 and since then it has grown rapidly. Currently it serves more than one hundred thousand investors in seventy three countries. Since it was started it has been able to fund loans that are worth above than 1.5 billion Euros. The company has a total of 51 employees and it has offices in different places including Riga, Mexico city and Warsaw.

I also learnt that the company allows investors to use other currencies besides the Euros ( majority of P2P platforms offers investing only in Euro currency). The currency used is exchanged conveniently according to the current rates on the market without additional fees. The length of the loans on this P2P platform varies depending on the type of loan. There are some mortgages which are as long as 13 years, car loans which can be as long as six years and personal or payday loans which can even have a length of two weeks.

Open Mintos account and start investing from 10 EUR

Signing up at Mintos

I found the process of signing up simple especially because I had all the requirements. To open an account on the Mintos P2P platform you need to have a bank account in the EU or be a resident of a country that has similar CFT/AML (Combating Financial Terrorism and Anti-Money Laundering) protocols to the EU. Once I passed the money laundering and identification checks I was approved as investor.

Investment Process Review

The investment process on this P2P platform is simple and you just need a minimum of ten Euros in your account. You just need to put the money to your account and proceed to choose the investment option you prefer. There are various options when it comes to transferring money where investors can choose the ones that suit their needs perfectly. It is also possible to do instant depositing through a Sweden based online payment company known as Trustly. Interest starts to incur immediately after yo make an investment. The interest is paid in different times of the month depending on the type of loan and the terms of the loan.

There is guaranteed default buy-backs which are offered by some of the loan partners who are found on this platform. In case the borrower fails to pay after sixty days the guarantor partner of the loan repays all the previous due capital plus interest. This is a way of reducing risks for the investors and it is one of the main reasons why I choose to invest on this platform. There is also an auto-invest option which significantly reduces the time I have to spend handling my investments. You just need to set the investing criteria you prefer from the filters and the company will do the rest.

available loans

Three Reasons Why to Invest Through Mintos

  1. There are some loan partners who invest certain percentages on the loans they provide therefore showing that they have confidence on the loans they provide.
  2. There is no lender cash drag mainly because there is a wide range of loans to choose from.
  3. The guaranteed buy-back loans are a great way of reducing risks on the amount you invest.

Open Mintos account and start investing from 10 EUR

Thoughts on Mintos Website Usability

This particular P2P investment platform has a very interactive and friendly website. Once I opened the website I was able to view all the details which I wanted to know about the company. The website is mobile friendly, which is important factor, as I regularly access it through my smartphone. The design of the website is in a manner that the different details are segregated into different sections and as a result you can get what you are looking for easily.

Mintos Customer Support

Before even opening an account I wanted to be sure of certain details about the various investment opportunities. Once I sent my question I received answers even faster than I had expected. The answers I got had all the details I had requested which were outlined in a simple and easy manner. There is also a telephone number which I could have used to get answers to my questions easily. This shows that the customer support is very reliable and helpful.

Future Plans and Improvements of Mintos Platform

I got to understand that since the Mintos was started in 2014 it has grown significantly to become among the leaders in P2P investing. Even though the company has grown so much it is still expected to grow further as technology advances. The management of the company is determined to incorporate state of the art technology to ensure all the users are served in a better manner. The company also hopes to improve security so that all the users can feel comfortable while using the platform. It might take time but eventually the company will improve its operations to make it the best company in the market. I also hope that it will be easier to get updates on the investment opportunities that are provided on the platform.


From this review it is evident that Mintos is a top P2P investment company. The fact that there are a lot of investment opportunities on the platform makes it ideal for anyone who would like investing in a secure manner. The 10 Euros minimum investment amount provides opportunities even for people who do not have a lot of money. Having a currency exchange that does not charge anything to exchange different foreign currencies also plays a big role in encouraging people from different countries to invest. Therefore, Mintos is a reliable and easy to use P2P investment platform which gives people from different parts of the world an opportunity to invest conveniently.

Open Mintos account and start investing from 10 EUR

Watch a short video presentation of Mintos peer-to-peer investment platform: