Who am I?

My name is Rolands Gorskovs. I am online marketing enthusiast from Latvia. I have spent thousands of hours finding best ways how to make money online and successfully found mine. After 8+ years I feel really comfortable in many areas of online marketing: social media marketing, website, shop and landing page building, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing, dropshipping and more. This has been fantastic so far and I`m looking to make this story even more successful with this website – OnlineMoneySpy.com.

Why I created this portal and why You should believe the information published here.

The motivation behind creating this website was desire to share my knowledge and find like-minded people aspiring to earn money on the internet. Since 2011 I have searched for ways to make profit on the internet. Over this period I have tested an array of different things. On this website I am going to be covering all successful attempts which helped me make profit, and I will be adding new methods when I discover them.

Also, I am having huge success with very similar website like this in Latvian language – epelna.lv.

How did I begin?

As I mentioned, I took my first steps in internet marketing in 2011. I earned my first dollars with PokerStrategy poker school’s affiliate program. This website was offering 50$ free initial capital for anyone who completes their quiz. I total I gathered 214 new people and received 280$ in affiliate commissions. Great start and spare cash for lunch (I was in high school back then)!

Afterwards my friends told me about another profit possibility – benefit from betting bonuses. This method is available everywhere around the world, because there are bookmakers in every country. I highly recommend You to use this system to make your first dollars online. You will find more detailed information about this method here – Bookie Bonus Bagging.

How I understood that my field is online marketing?

At one point the business of betting bonuses was cut – most of the bookmakers did not award bonuses to Latvians anymore. Then new opportunities had to be found, how to earn money on the internet. While browsing the internet and reading all the first page results for google keywords “how to make money online” and the same phrase in Latvian, I ended up trying out so many different methods to profit online.

I began with tennis trading, because I liked the sports very much, and I had had some experience with the largest sports betting exchange Betfair. I tried trading with 2-5 euro bets and had some success. However the joy was not long-lasting, because at the moment when several trades collapsed, I lost my patience and made some stupid mistakes, thus losing all my trading “balance”. It happened so again and again, until I realized that I am not able to handle the moments of stress, which is a day-to-day state of a sports bet trader.

I continued with a novelty – binary options. I started searching for strategies of earning and came to the famous Martingale Strategy. I deposited 100 euro with the broker and in a week my account was forth 350 euro. Nevertheless I eventually lost everything in one night due to an error on the page of the broker. The system was working, but I never returned to binary options again since then. I did not give up on the binary option field entirely though – I began working as a partner or affiliate marketer. By popularizing binary options on the internet using the page binary.lv, I managed to earn several tens of thousands of dollars. Currently the industry of binary options does not exist anymore. However this project still serves as a super motivator for beginning new online projects, because I know, that it is possible to make profit.

To continue I started new searches of opportunities and this time I turned to online marketing. The possibilities of online marketing are very, very broad – You can advertise, sell, or become a distributor of almost any product or service You can imagine. As all my experiments were related to profit in the gambling industry, I created a page with a name – epelna.lv (e-profit). Of course, not all was going as I imagined and the page earned only 40 euros a year. This page was translated also in English, and was named OnlineMoneySpy.com. Right now, you are on this website! For several years, I was not working on this website, but brought me in around 100 euros every month without any administration – my first passive income. Then I also had experiments in other fields – beauty care, health etc.

The most serious project that I started with was online store GoBig.lv. I created a company, found partners in England who offered their products for a 20% commission of the sales volume. Preparation, launch, advertising, promotions, client service, page improvement – all these things were extremely interesting and I obtained excellent experience. However the most important part was missing – the profit. Income exceeded expenses several times, and I had to close this project with a negative balance, but it was worth it nevertheless, because the knowledge I gained is still useful today.

Then there were several attempts to return to sports trading on Betfair exchange, however they were all unsuccessful. Then I returned to experiments with binary options and found money cashback services from binary option brokers and created my own page – binary.lv. This page in 2015 earned more than 22000$. Such success I had not had in any other fields I tried to work in, and so I thought I have found my field.

Network marketing phase

At the beginning of 2018 I got involved in Lyoness / Lyconet network marketing company popularization. Currently You can find information about it in the article: My experience with Lyoness / Lyocet. Although my career in this marketing direction was not long-lasting, I really appreciate the knowledge and valuable contacts obtained. Over 3-4 months I spent actively working at creation of my network, I read more than 10 books, met with several dozens of long-lost or completely unknown people.

In order to be successful in network marketing You must communicate a lot, sometimes You even have to intrude people and it may not be acceptable to everyone. And even doing so does not guarantee the visible results in the first month or even first half a year. These two reasons made me turn away from network marketing and turn to affiliate marketing with new force. I have also made a comparison between the two marketing types in this article: Network marketing (MLM) VS affiliate marketing.

national television interview about dropshipping

Interview on National TV about dropshipping business model

What I do today – in 2019?

If 2018 can be considered the time of big changes, now in 2019, I have clear goals and I am thoroughly working to achieve them.

Currently I manage to combine paid job from 9:00-18:00 in managing the largest Latvian-made product online store DiscoverLatvia.eu, maintaining the portal epelna.lv, as well as I have opened my mini marketing agency rolands.work.

Epelna.lv over the years has grown into rather stable income source – read here about how much I earned with the portal in 2018.

DiscoverLatvia.eu is one of the few dropshipping stores in Latvia and certainly the only one aggregating so many Latvian producers.

The largest goal of 2019 is a challenge at the same time, is the development of the English version of the site epelna.lv (onlinemoneyspy.com) English language market definitely presents 1000 times more opportunities. Of course the competition is also 500 times bigger, but I believe that by finding Your own niche and by working hard, everything is possible. I will definitely be keeping You informed about the results in the blog section!

What I have concluded about making money online?

Firstly, money on the internet is not a myth! For many people earning online can seem easy, but it is not the case. If You want to make money online, You have to have knowledge, experience, and determination. Sports bet trading, forex, poker, online marketing etc. – it all requires knowledge and experience.

Secondly, if You find an earning method online which is too easy, and it is offering making 1000$ a day, it is definitely a fraud! There are thousands of offers like that, however they are all intended for deceiving the public, and only the authors of the page could earn real cash. A great example of that is the Black and Red strategy in roulette. Most probably You have opened a page like that because it is advertised and spammed everywhere. Authors of these pages receive commissions for every player making a deposit in that casino, whereas You will certainly lose Your money!

Thirdly, making money online has a lot of advantages. All You need is a computer and the internet connection which nowadays is not a problem even in the middle of the woods. You can be Your own boss, work whenever and wherever You want.


I wish You all luck and endless commitment in achieving Your goals!