Of course, there is no exact number to answer this question. You can earn a lot, earn a living or not earn anything. There are so much opportunities to earn online, but in each of them the smartest and most experienced will earn the most. The internet is full of “tutorials” and tips on how to start your own internet business in a month or even a day. These guides usually show supercars and private mansions by the sea and the promise that you will have all these things in a year’s time. The truth, of course, is not so beautiful, because making money online is not easy. You have to invest work, time, learn new things constantly and only then you will start to see some results.

My source of inspiration in online marketing is Pat Flynn. Honest, open and instructive. Each month, he publishes all his previous month’s income sources and expenses on his website smartpassiveincome.com. Last year there wasn’t a the month when he didn’t earn at least $ 100,000 and in the best month he earned $ 153,397.47! So, you can become a millionaire by doing business online!

How much did my websites earned in 2015?

Looking at the affiliate profiles I work with, the numbers ar making me smile  – during 2015, my websites have earned $ 22,559.50. This number is not profit, but revenue on websites (binary.lv, epelna.com, onlinemoneyspy.com). 2015 was the best year so far in terms of revenue, but in 2016 the goal is to double that number!

How much money makes the greats?

There are sharks in every industry – the best, the most experienced and the smartest. These men are so confident in their abilities in the industry, that they are making hundred of thousands of dollars every month.

For example, take a look at what professional sports traders are making on one sports event in this article: Betfair Trading Profits – Statements From Professional Traders

These pictures are good motivators, a goal to strive for. Hopefully, one day you and I will be able to achieve something like this.