Affiliate Marketing Income Statement

My Monthly Income Statements

Here you can find my monthly income statements. I have published a review of my 2018 blogging/affiliate marketing results here. I will start making detailed monthly income statements from February 2019.

Why do you need to write income statements?

In my opinion, progress is what keeps world moving around. So I want to publish monthly income statements of my affiliate earnings to see if I am making progress and if not, then to make detailed analysis of the reasons why I am not moving ahead. Also, I think, that it is a good tool to make visitors get back to your website every month to see if you have made any progress. Isn’t it interesting to know how much money someone is making? And how is he doing that? You can get a lot of inspiration and new ideas from blogger monthly income reports! I’m following some blogs with income reports too and I can’t wait to see the newest reports!

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Monthly income statement

How much money did I make last month