Peerberry P2P Platform


Return on investments


Usability of platform




Investment security


Min. deposit



  • Minimum deposit only 10 EUR
  • Buy-back guarantee
  • User friendly platform
  • Auto-invest option
  • Great customer support


  • No Credit Rating
  • No secondary market
When it comes to choosing the right P2P platform I am usually very particular about the specific details. I like a platform that will suit my needs and at the same time give me good returns for what I invest. One of the platforms I have invested through is Peerberry. I would like to share my experiences on this platform through this Peerberry review.

What is Peerberry?

Peerberry is a crowd funding platform which mainly concentrates on short term loan. This platform is owned by the Aventus Group which is highly respected company in this field. Peerberry was started in 2017 but it has been in this field for over ten years where since 2009 they were offering loans through Mintos P2P investment platform. The company is located in Latvia and it has more than 125 employees. In the first year after it was launched as an independent company it was able to reach 22 million Euros loans which were financed through the market place. This shows how the company has been able to grow rapidly within a relatively short time.

How Does It Work?

This platform provides people with opportunities to invest on loans which give returns in form of interest rates. There is a list of the available investment opportunities on the official website of the platform. These opportunities are projects from different borrowers who would like to borrow so that they can develop their projects. By investing in the outlined projects you will be able to get returns in form of interest rates.

Most of the projects on this P2P investing platform are in form of short term loans. Majority of the loans are between 12 and 34 days and the interest rates are approximately between 10% and 13%. This is ideal for investors who would like to get returns within a relatively short period. The minimum amount that you can invest on the platform is 10 EUR. You can invest in different currencies which are turned into EUR according to the current exchange rates. You can only request withdrawals in form of EUR and it is your obligation to deduct any tax returns on the investment.

All the loans on this platform come with 100% buyback guarantee. This means that if the lender is unable to pay the loan company purchases the debt. The importance of this is that there is the necessary protection against losing the invested money because of a lender being unable to pay.

Step by Step Guide How to Invest in Peerberry

To invest on this P2P investing platform you must have reached the age of eighteen. You will need to have an investor account which you will use for the different transactions. When you have an account you can easily transfer money from your bank to this account. When you have the money in your account you just need to select the projects that you like and proceed to invest on them. After the loans you have selected are matured you will get your money including the interest.

There is also an auto invest tool on this platform. This particular tool helps you to invest automatically whenever you have free funds on your account and there is an available investment opportunity. You will need to set your auto invest details according to the kind of investment opportunities you are looking for. You can even include the reinvest option where the tools will reinvest the amount you get including the interest. The main benefit of having the auto invest option is that you do not have to keep on opening your account. Instead, you will know that your funds are being invested even when you are busy doing other things.

Start investing with Peerberry from only 10 EUR

The Website and Its Features

Even if you are new to P2P investing you will be able to understand everything there is to know just by going through the Peerberry official website. The website has a very interactive design where all the details are well organized. When you login you find a clear interface which lets you get the information you want easily. On the website you can get details regarding the investment opportunities including:

  • The loan amount
  • Country of issuance
  • The details of the borrower such as the number of loans taken
  • The interest rates

You can even access this website through your smartphone and this means you can access it from almost anywhere. This gives you peace of mind and freedom since you can monitor your investments from anywhere and at any time.

The Customer Support

Peerberry has a very liable customer support desk where you can get answers at almost any time. The customer support desk ensures that you get answers to your questions within the shortest time possible. This is especially helpful if you are having trouble with your investor account and your money. The attendants at the support desk are well informed and they can be ale to answer almost any question. This allows the platform be able to interact perfectly with the users of the platform. It also ensures that all the issues that may arise are resolved within the shortest time possible.

Start investing with Peerberry from only 10 EUR


The main advantage of using Peerberry is that you will be able to get your returns within a short time because the company mainly deals with short term loans. The fact that there is the buyback guarantees ensures that your investments are safe. This platform also has a friendly website and a very helpful support desk. On the platform there are many loans and as a result you can invest at any time you want. There is also the auto-invest option which lets a helpful tool invest on your behalf.


When getting the details of the borrowers you will not get the risk ratings of the borrowers. There is also no availability of secondary market but this can be covered by the fact that the loans are short.

Final Verdict

I hope that you will agree with me that this Peerberry review reveals helpful details about this platform. These details include the way the company gives people opportunities to make good returns within short periods. The platform ensures that the risks are reduced while the chances of making money are increased. The investors are treated well on this platform including being informed about the various investment opportunities. This platform is growing and there are a few aspects that need to be improved. But despite the few issues, Peerberry is a platform that is worth investing on.

Start investing with Peerberry from only 10 EUR