Since I am working full-time on my online projects, I have to set myself some goals that I want to achieve with my websites. One of them is a monthly profit of € 1,000 from Google AdSense ads.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a Google-run program that allows webmasters to place image, text, video, or interactive rich media ads on their websites that are tailored to their site visitors. These ads are managed, hosted and maintained by Google with the permission of the website owner.

From my experience, Google AdSense ads are the most annoying ads for website visitors, but for the webmasters it is the most passive source of income. Placing AdSense ads on a website is so simple that it literally takes a few clicks. After that these ads can be manually optimized, but you can also rely Google’s algorithms and allow to do the optimization by Google’s robots.

I’ve chosen the second option – I’ve placed the Google AdSense code on some of my websites and I let Google figure out how to serve ads more effectively to my website visitors. These ads are tailored to each visitor individually – you already know, if you’re looking for socks on Google, then those socks that you clicked on will follow you on for a few days.

How much do I currently earn from Google AdSense?

This year, my average monthly profit on the AdSense platform has been € 171.95. In the best month it was 205.43 € and in the worst, just under 140 €.

adsense income

Earnings from the AdSense platform in the first five months of 2021

You probably feel right now – pff, 170 euros … In fact, these are probably the easiest 170 euros I’ve earned. Those € 170 is transfered to my bank account by Google every month. It’s cool to paid by Google!

Of course, this isn’t the only revenue-generating advertising tool for my websites. There are more than 5 of them!

I’ve been working with AdSense since May 2018. In the first month my income was exactly 0.79 €! It’s been three years now and I’ve already surpassed € 200 profit in one month.

Adsense earnings by month from 2018

Don’t you think this is a great progress?

Of course, in three years with AdSense you could generate as much as $ 1,000 or even $ 10,000 in monthly revenue, but then it should be your priority. At no point it has been a priority to me to increase my earnings from AdSense ads, so my revenue has grown very slowly.

I can’t even really explain the sudden jump from ~ 70 € per month to 200 € +, because my website traffic has not increased so drastically these months. Google seems to have discovered how to place ads more effectively on my websites.

adsense click costs

My AdSense revenue statistics. *For privacy reasons I had to cover some fields

Total profit for my three years with AdSense is € 2408.68. If we divide into details then average monthly revenue for 36 months is 66.90 € per month.

In total, there have been around 718,000 page views with nearly 2.5 million ads.

The number of clicks is almost 9,000 – an average of 250 clicks per month (about 8 clicks per day).

Average profit for click has been € 0.27, which is a very high, but it’s no wonder because I am working in the “how to make money online” industry.

google adsense earnings

My AdSense revenue statistics for each website. *For privacy reasons I had to cover some fields

If we delve even deeper into the data, it is worth looking at is the performance of each website.

I have placed AdSense ads on two websites – and is basically the English version of with slightly tailored content for a global audience. I recently moved to new domain –, therefore there are 3 websites in the picture above.

The most interesting thing is that (0.50 €) revenue per click is more than twice larger than (0.22 €) per click. I did not know this before, because I was not looked at this data before. The conclusion from looking at these tables was that if I want to increase my AdSense revenue, I need to work on increasing my traffic to

What factors affect the AdSense earnings?

AdSense revenue depends on many factors. There is a tool on their own website that allows you to roughly estimate your potential revenue if you place Adsense ads on your website –  AdSense Revenue Calculator.

On my websites, the determining factor for such a sharp difference in cost-per-click is audience differences. main target audience is Latvian, but’s audience is global and English-speaking.

AdSense revenue is affected by the following factors:

  • Website traffic – how many users visit your website each month?
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) – How much do you get on average per click?
  • Click-through Rate (CTR) – How often do visitors click on your ads?
  • Website topic – what is your website about? For example, “how to make money online” websites will bring higher cost-per-click ads than websites about gardening.
  • Website language – for example, ads in English will be more expensive than ads in Latvian

In my opinion, these are the most important factors influencing your AdSense earnings. News sites and forums, which have a very high monthly website traffic, definitely benefit the most from AdSense.

How do I plan to reach my goal of a $ 1,000 monthly profit from AdSense?

I have already built a solid foundation for achieving this goal. I have websites and these websites have visitors – a formula for making money from AdSense.

All I have to do now is increase the number of visitors to my websites.

If I currently have 10,000 to 12,000 visitors a month on both websites, then I need to set a target of about 60,000 visitors a month to reach $ 1,000 in AdSense revenue. These 60,000 visitors should definitely not be used as a benchmark to start earning € 1,000 a month from AdSense, because as we found out in this article, these numbers only apply to my websites.

I’ve already started working on new content for, which has a lot more potential than for AdSense.

The goal is to reach 50,000 visitors a month in one year time. I already know how this goal can be achieved. And it’s no secret – quality content that appears in Google’s organic results is the best and fastest way to do that.

Why do I need to make $ 1,000 monthly profit from AdSense?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, Google AdSense ads are the “most passive” way to make money from your website. Insert the code on your website and look how much you have earned tomorrow. This type of advertising is not suitable for all types of websites, because, for example, in an online store where you sell your products, placing AdSense ads would be unprofessional and would deter your potential customers. This type of ads is well suited for blogs, news sites, forum type websites.

I also want to increase my website traffic to start earning more from affiliate marketing offers on my websites. That’s why this goal of $ 1,000 a month from AdSense is great in itself, and because achieving it will significantly increase my revenue from other website monetization types.

How can you start making money online with Google AdSense?

I believe that by reading this article, you realized that to make money with Google AdSense, you need your own website (preferably a blog, portal or forum). Websites, however, are not the only way to make money with AdSense, as this platform is used also for monetizing YouTube videos.

Signing up and getting a code to place on your website is easy. Go to the AdSense homepage to start earning money by placing Google ads on your website today.

Three reasons why I recommend placing AdSense ads on your website:

Make Money With Your Website – Millions of advertisers compete for advertising space on your website. This means more revenue, more relevant ad serving to users, and more filled ad spaces.

Ads are optimized for all devices – Google will optimize the size of your ad units by automatically adjusting them for display on computers or mobile devices, increasing the likelihood that these ads will be visible and clicked on by users.

Save time – Add just one code to your site, and Google will automatically show ads that are tailored to your site’s layout, saving you the time you would spend placing each ad manually.