Poker is the world’s most popular card game. This game is very popular in the Internet as well, so there are many online poker sites. Unfortunately there are no risk-free strategies in this game that can help you to always win. Knowledge and the ability to act at the right time are very important in poker. school of poker

If you are really interested in poker and maybe want to make your living by playing poker, then you should definitely visit This website has a lot of useful information about poker, video tutorials and even some training programs which simulate specific situations. also offers its clients the chance to play poker for their money. You have to register, fill out a 20-question quiz and you will receive 10$ in one of their offered poker rooms.

pokerstrrategy online poker school

Pokerstrategy also offers very attractive refferal system “Tell A Friend “. You can earn money by introducing your friends to This is very good way to start your online money making journey, because it requires no investments, but have big earning potential. You can earn up to 500$ for one reffered friend! refferal system

Here is a screenshot of my earnings in TaF program.


No Deposit Poker bonuses

If you want to play poker online, then you should definitely take advantage of the bonuses offered by best poker rooms. These bonuses are usually released in the duration of the game and they don’t create any restrictions on cashing out the money from the poker room.

Some online poker rooms offers no deposit bonuses. That means that you are given money to play with without depositing any money by yourself. Another very great way to start earning online!