Well, the year 2023 has passed and I hope that you all managed to earn your first money online.

As usual, the new year should start with an article about the most popular ways to make money online. This time we will look at the hottest internet business and quick profit opportunities of 2024.

We will divide the types of profit into three parts – quick profit opportunities online, Internet business ideas, and passive income opportunities.

How to make money quickly online in 2024?

Making a quick profit is definitely the most popular reason people come to onlinemoneyspy.com. And not for nothing, because here you can find some ways to earn money online already on the same day. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular ways to make quick money online.

#1 Risk-free spins and bets in bookmakers and casinos

In this sense, nothing has changed since 2023 – the simplest and fastest way to earn money online is the use of bookmaker and casino bonus offers.

Using these bonuses, you can get more than 100€ of “free” money, with which you can play in the casino or bookie without the risk of losing.

How does it work?

  • You can find casino and bookie bonuses in the Offers and Bonuses section.
  • For example, BetWinner, offers its new customers 1500€ + 150 risk-free spins (150 spins = €15 value).
    Open a new player account.
  • Make a cash deposit of at least €30 (which you will get back immediately after using the bonus).
  • Take advantage of 150 risk-free bets.
  • When you have used all the risk-free spins, pay the deposit + winnings to your bank account.
  • You can repeat this process in all casinos that offer risk-free bets, and if you are lucky, you can earn up to several hundred euros.

How much can you earn?

Profits from casino and bookmaker bonuses are limited, as each person can use them only once. I have received feedback from people that they have managed to earn up to €436 using all casino bonuses. Usually the winnings are smaller, but on average you can count on a profit of around €100.

#2 Complete surveys in the AttaPoll application


AttaPoll – earn money by completing surveys

AttaPoll is a good survey application that allows everyone to earn a little money by completing surveys.


This mobile app that pays you to complete occasional online surveys from your smartphone is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Taking surveys is one of the top ways to make quick money online, but it is not very profitable.

How does it work?

  1. Download the AttaPoll application on your mobile device;
  2. Register a new profile with accurate information so that you can be assigned appropriate surveys;
  3. Wait for the application to send you notifications about new surveys;
  4. Complete surveys and get paid as indicated. You will be able to pay when you have accumulated €3.

How much can you earn?

During the year, I have earned 23.34 euros in the AttaPoll application. This is not the most profitable method of quick profit, but you can earn one cup of coffee a month with it.

#3 Sell unnecessary things on Facebook marketplace

This may seem like a silly idea, but I have repeatedly confirmed that it is not. The last thing I sold on the Facebook marketplace was a toilet bowl. I was doing repairs at home and the Hansgrohe toilet bowl was left over and thrown around. At first I thought I would throw it in the trash, but then I decided to put it on the Facebook marketplace for €30. Five buyers showed up within one day and it was sold the next day. Isn’t it inspiring?

Some of my ads on Facebook marketplace

How does it work?

  1. I assume that you have already registered on Facebook.com
  2. Type “marketplace” in the Facebook search engine and select the first option
  3. Look for the button with the “+” sign and the text create a new ad
  4. Fill in all the required fields, create a description, add pictures and indicate the price
  5. Wait for people to respond to your ad

How much can you earn?

You can earn as much as you have valuable and many things to sell. In order to make a quick sale, I would recommend selling things for a little less than what they are worth.

How to make money with online business in 2024 – Top 5 ideas

If you want to approach earning money online more seriously, then the next step is to start your own some type of online business. It doesn’t have to be anything big! Start with a small shop or even a network of social profiles. At first, you don’t need to create a company – receive money to your personal account or Paypal profile. If you get together and start earning more money, then you will be able to open a company or apply as a self-employed person.

#4 Start your own online store

I myself have two online stores that bring regular income every month. Is it difficult to open your own online store these days? Not at all! It has never been easier! It’s about as difficult as creating a Facebook profile.

Currently, there are several platforms that offer to open your online store in just a few minutes. The most popular in Latvia is Mozello, which allows everyone to create their own online store for free. If you want more features or want to trade on a global scale, then you can choose Shopify or WIX platforms.

What to sell? My best advice is to sell what interests you. Turn your hobby into a profitable business. If you like to play basketball, then sell useful basketball accessories or training equipment.

Where to get the products? Start with Alibaba! I also send products from Alibaba to one of my online stores and sell them for four times more than I bought them. A few days ago I placed an order worth 450 euros and I know that in about three months I will sell these products for 2000 euros.

How much can you earn?

It will be difficult to give even an approximate answer here. It should be understood that the beginning will not be easy and the profit will not be large, but by working hard, developing your store’s product assortment, sales channels and gaining an ever-increasing number of loyal customers, you can turn your online store into a well-earning business.

For example, I turn over 1000 euros per month in my online store #1, of which about 600 euros is profit. Online store #2 is very seasonal and there turnover reaches up to 4000 euros in the summer months.

#5 Make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is my main source of income and my biggest passion. If you don’t know what it is, then in short it is advertising the services or products of other companies on the Internet for a reward.

You must have seen people sharing links with their unique identifier at the end. If someone clicks on this link and buys products or services, the owner of this link will be compensated.

Rewards tend to vary. They can be either a percentage or a specific amount. For example, CPA (Cost Per Action) or payment for the performed action will usually be a fixed reward if a person completes the goal set by the advertiser, for example, subscribes to the service provided by him. CPL (Cost Per Lead) offers to receive payment for registration on the company’s website. Another way is RS (Revenue Share) or profit sharing, when the company shares with, for example, 30% of its profit obtained from people who registered using your link.

Anyone can start affiliate marketing today. You can find a partner, for example the Latvian company DoAffiliate, get your partner link to various products and start promoting it on your social networks.

I advertise my affiliate links on my website and on social network accounts specially designed for this purpose.

How much can you earn?

With affiliate marketing, your income is not limited. Affiliate marketing can also earn you millions. I myself can’t complain about my income from affiliate marketing, and there are people in my circle of friends who earn many thousands of euros a month with it.

#6 Provides digital marketing services

Another thing I do myself is providing digital marketing services. I help smaller and larger companies create websites, perform SEO (search engine optimization) services, create Google Ads on Facebook Ads advertising campaigns.

The list of digital marketing services is very extensive and anyone can learn just one of them and earn good money. So what are these jobs that you could learn and offer to others?

  • Content marketing – creating content for the blog section of websites and social network accounts
  • SEO or search engine optimization – making improvements on and off the home page to raise the position of the company’s home page in the Google search engine for specific keywords.
  • Search engine advertising or pay per click – creating advertising campaigns in Google Ads and similar networks to increase visits to the company’s website and acquire new customers.
  • Social network management – creating new content and attracting and engaging new followers in the company’s social network (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok) accounts.
  • Partner marketing and influencer marketing – creating and promoting your personal image on social networks or on your website.
  • E-mail marketing – managing company e-mail lists, preparing advertising e-mails, testing and attracting new users to the company’s e-mail list.
  • Mobile device marketing – placement of SMS, notifications and advertisements on mobile devices of potential customers.
  • Video marketing – Filming, preparation and publication of video materials on YouTube and other platforms.
  • Audio Marketing – Production, recording and preparation of audio material for publication on radio stations or streaming channels.
  • Chatbot marketing – Chat bot or preparation of robotic responses to provide 24/7 customer service.
  • Online PR and Reputation Management – Helping businesses respond to customer feedback, questions and complaints.

Such a large list of services came together. I believe that from all this, everyone can find a topic that is close to them, become an expert in it and earn money from it.

How much can you earn?

My recommendation is to do these jobs at least for free in the beginning. I have done it myself for experience and feedback. When you start to get really good, you can start asking for money and, as your competence grows, you can charge by the hour or the work done. You can earn several thousand per month by providing internet marketing services.

#7 Online Coach/Teacher

In the not-so-distant past, during Covid, everyone had to learn and get used to interacting with people on the Internet. Even though Covid has subsided, many people still stick to receiving services online. This, of course, opens up a great internet business idea for everyone – to become an online teacher or trainer.

If your passion is sport and you would like to present it to others, then why not become an online trainer? If you find diet and training plans interesting, then maybe this business idea is just for you?

If you enjoy teaching a subject, I bet it won’t be difficult to find students who need help. Advertise your services with the help of Facebook ads and parents will contact you and register their children for lessons with you!

Of course, you can create online courses and post them on training platforms like Udemy. In this case, the courses will have to be in English and your competition will be huge.

How much can you earn?

I think that by acquiring a wide range of independent clients, you could earn 1-4 thousand euros per month. This is not how I make money on the Internet myself.

#8 Create your application or website for the masses

This business idea is definitely for the more technical minds. Do you use applications like Wolt, Bolt and websites like ss.lv or getapro.lv?

Maybe you can be the author and owner of the next success story?

Of course, such projects require knowledge, time, and investment, but it can be done.

I’ve heard that my friends are working on an app for home cleaning services that isn’t available to the masses yet.

Maybe you have a brilliant idea that could make people’s lives easier and allow you to earn money on the Internet?

How much can you earn?

The profit of SS.lv in 2022 after payment of taxes was 9.37 million euros. Isn’t it amazing that a website with a design that hasn’t been changed since 2000 is one of the most popular in Latvia and earns millions of euros a year?

Wolt and Bolt platforms earn billions of euros.

Profit limits are not set here!

Passive income opportunities

The last two internet business ideas in this article will be about passive income opportunities. Earning passively means earning even when you are sleeping. I myself have several sources of passive income and I am very grateful that I made the commitment to create one for myself several years ago. I love to travel because I usually come back with more money in my account than before. Check out these ideas and start earning passive income today.

#9 Invest in P2P lending

Certainly one of the safest and most popular investment options of recent times is investing in peer-to-peer lending platforms, or P2P.

By investing money, for example, in the VIAINVEST P2P platform, you can invest money and earn up to 18% per year from your investments. By investing in this platform, you will put your money in the hands of non-bank lenders, who in turn will lend this money to people as quick loans to make a profit. These non-bank lenders will share their profits with you.

This investment method has proven itself over the years as a safe and reliable source of passive income.

I myself have only tried the VIAINVEST platform for a short time, but I have heard from acquaintances that they have been making money on it for years. Finding the best investment approach can earn you higher interest.

I recently learned about a new, simpler P2P platform where investing is automated. The Monefit investment platform offers you to earn 7.25% compound interest per year from your investments completely automatically. Likewise, if VIAINVEST Your money is frozen while it is invested, then Monefit offers to withdraw money from the investment account at any time.

I tested the Monefit platform myself for exactly one day. I deposited 10 euros into an investment account, and the next day I requested a payout of 10.01 euros (I had already earned 0.01 euros!). I received my payout the next day, which gave me confidence that this platform can be trusted.

How much can you earn?

Your profit will largely depend on how much you can invest.

Let’s look at an example from the Monefit investment platform

The Monefit website has an investment calculator from which I got this screenshot. Investing €10,000 for five years with a compound interest rate of 7.25%, after five years you would have earned €4,190. If you invested €100,000, your profit in five years would be €49,191. Isn’t this the answer to why the rich keep getting richer?

#10 Buy stocks and/or cryptocurrencies

I have invested my money in both stocks and cryptocurrencies. In addition to that, I also “mine” cryptocurrency – I get a little bit of cryptocurrency every day for powering my devices.

I have invested money both in foreign stocks and domestic DUS Virši and Madara Cosmetics. Check out the article about my experience with Virši shares – I am delighted with their shareholder loyalty card!

Why should you invest money in stocks and cryptocurrencies?

I’m not so sure about cryptocurrencies, but investing money in stocks is a smart financial move! As companies develop, the value of their shares grows and everyone has the opportunity to profit from it. These are real businesses that sell products and services.

Of course, not all companies’ shares will grow, so it’s not that simple and not everyone does it. However, many savvy investors make a lot of money by investing in the stock markets, receiving dividends and profits by selling shares at a higher price than they were purchased.

As I mentioned, cryptocurrencies are not that safe and understandable. Also, the prices of cryptocurrencies are very volatile and can be very confusing, especially for beginners. On the other hand, the prices of cryptocurrencies tend to increase by as much as 10 and 20 times, so they are attractive to investors with a more aggressive approach to monetary investment.

I trade cryptocurrencies on the Coinbase platform and foreign stocks on the eToro platform. On the eToro platform, everyone has the opportunity to receive a $100,000 free DEMO trading account, where you can try trading stocks and cryptocurrencies with “joke money”.

How much can you earn?

Here, too, your profit will largely depend on the amount of your investment. The more funds you have to invest, the less risk you can take to earn large sums of money.

Of course, you can hit the top ten and invest in the next Bitcoin, increasing your investment 100 times in a few years or even months.

The price of Bitcoin on November 20, 2015 was 307 euros, but today the price of one BTC coin is more than 39,000 euros. The price of this cryptocurrency has increased by 127 times in 8 years.

Summary of making money online in 2024

If you read the article to the end, thank you very much for your time! I hope you found something useful and I believe that this year you will also manage to earn money on the Internet yourself.

If you compare the year 2023 with the year 2024, nothing has changed much. The earning potential is the same. However, with every year and even day that you hesitate to start making money on the Internet, the competition grows and becomes smarter, and earning becomes more and more difficult.

The fact is that we live in a unique era where you don’t have to go to work or even work at all (because you have passive income) to earn money. Know your skills, opportunities and start doing it today!