Dropshipping is a business model where a seller purchases their items from a different party and ships them directly to the customer. In this model, the seller doesn’t have any responsibility in handling the product. Because they don’t have to manage products, the seller doesn’t need to have storage space for inventory. However, they must rely on a third party to fulfill the orders of their customers.

Dropshipping has become a popular logistics model, especially with online sellers. With no need for storage, sellers can save on cost and effort. Other benefits of dropshipping include mobility as it can be managed anywhere and in variety. With this retail approach, any company can offer a wide range of products to customers.

In Romania, there are currently not that many options for dropshippers. They’ve faced problems such as not having enough capital or difficulty in finding customers. However, there are a few online platforms where you can purchase products for dropshipping.

alibaba logoAlibaba

Product Range: Electronics, Apparel, Vehicles & Accessories

Website: www.alibaba.com

Alibaba dropshipping service review

Alibaba is one of the biggest online selling platforms in the world. Based on customer reviews, they get an average of 4.6 stars. This indicates that they provide very high quality and satisfactory products. For the most part, third-party suppliers in Alibaba provide excellent service. They ship products immediately, and the customers receive them with no problems. However, there are a select few that might take a while to send. Suppliers here are also easy to reach and primarily entertain the customers. There are also a variety of products and brands that people can choose from.

salehoo logoSalehoo

Product Range: Antiques, Clothing, Toys, Books, Cameras, Electronics, etc.

Website: www.salehoo.com

Salehoo dropshipping service review

Salehoo has helped over 137,000 businesses. Their items are also very affordable, and they have an average 5-star review based on 341 reviews. All suppliers provide excellent customer service, always putting their clients first. They are very responsive whenever they have questions or concerns. Moreover, the types of products offered vary greatly.

modalyst logoModalyst

Product Range: Electronics, Apparel, Accessories, Pet Toys

Website: www.modalyst.co

Modalyst dropshipping service review

Modalyst has over 350,000 entrepreneurs and sellers. With its product range, it supplied over ten million products. It has also served fifty million shoppers. The platform has been featured in Forbes, Elle, Vogue, and msnbc. Additionally, it supplies luxury brands and has Shopify and BigCommerce integrations for easy e-commerce transactions.


Product Range: Clothing, Hats, Accessories, Home and Living, Brands

Website: www.printful.com

Printful dropshipping service review

Printful is very easy to use and has gotten good feedback from both sellers and customers. They are very responsive to customers, and they are also very knowledgeable. They solve issues quickly. The customer service is also available 24/7, and the quality of the products is considered some of the best. They also have several locations worldwide, so they get to cater to many countries and customers.

wholesale central dropshippingWholesale Central

Product Range: Apparel, Art Supplies, Electronics, Food, Pet supplies, etc.

Website: www.wholesalecentral.com

Wholesale Central dropshipping service review

Wholesale Central has been around since 1996. They provide their services for free. Even if you choose the premium service, all you have to do is register and sign up before gaining access. The website is also simplistic, but it makes it easy to navigate. Each of the suppliers and sellers is screened by the company before they are allowed to distribute their products to the consumers. When customers have any concerns or complaints, the company looks into them and makes sure they reach a satisfactory resolution.

spocket logoSpocket

Product Range: Batch & Beauty, Toys, Tech Accessories, Apparel

Website: www.spocket.co

Alibaba dropshipping service review

Spocket is very easy to navigate, especially with Shopify and WooCommerce integrations. There is only a short waiting time, and customers don’t have to wait long to get their products. All products offered are of a high standard, and getting the products you need is effortless.

These are the top dropshipping suppliers in Romania. As stated from the study of Comanescu in 2020 on Dropshipping in Romania, the dropshipping market is just beginning. However, given that it’s just starting, then there are many opportunities for this model. The collaboration between Romanian and European dropshipping companies should be investigated further.

Dropshipping is not a perfect model. Just like any business, it requires hard work. However, it does provide some undeniable advantages, and with careful planning, it can still lead to a very successful business.