Making money while playing casino games is definitely a dream of many people. Making money playing slots would also be a lot of fun, but games like blackjack require patience and knowledge of probability theory can be useful.

Is it even possible to make money playing casino games?

The answer to this question is certainly not clear-cut, because casino games are mostly game of luck and only in some games it is possible to influence the outcome of the game with your experience and knowledge.

In which casino games is it possible to earn money?

The three casino games where you will have the best chance of making money in the long run are Blackjack, Craps and European Roulette.

Before we look at the three casino games in which you will have the best chances of making money, you need to understand one term – Casino advantage. The casino edge means that the casino’s chances of winning the game will always be better than the player’s in the long run. Sure, people win at the casino and go home with pockets full of money, but the more games you play, the closer you get to irrefutable statistics.

Blackjack is one of the most well-known card games and is offered by almost every casino in the world. The objective of the blackjack game is quite simple, you have to beat the dealer.

In the blackjack game, the casino’s advantage is 0.61%, which means that, on average, on turnover of €100, the casino will earn €0.61. Of course, you can lose a lot more and win, but the more you play, the closer you will get to that number.

Craps is also one of the world’s most famous casino games. This dice game has appeared in many popular casino themed movies. Craps is an emotional dice adventure where luck for one player can bring a win for all players.

In Craps, the casino edge ranges from 1.36% to as much as 16.90%, depending on your bet.

A game of roulette with its wheel of fortune might be the closest association anyone has with a casino. Black or red, even or odd, all players hope that the ball will land on their chosen space on the roulette wheel.

In European Roulette, the casino edge is 2.70%, and in the American version with two zeroes, it is 5.26%. In French roulette with the La Partage rule (if the ball stays on 0, then the player gets half of his bet back) it is only 1.35%. Here it is clear that it is better to avoid American Roulette because your chances of winning will be much lower.

What do all these casino games have in common?

All of them can be played in real life too! Also in the online casino these games will be available in the Live section and you will be able to play with real, online dealers.

On which casino games you can make money but better should be avoid?

The slots!

Of course, the biggest wins are usually won in slot games with huge jackpots. But your chances of winning this jackpot are so slim that you could go bankrupt trying to do so.

Slot games are also known for their huge house edge, which can be 5, 9, 15 and even more percent. On average, the casino edge is 5-8%.

Slots with their gorgeous special effects and sound effects are the most exciting thing offered by both land-based casinos and online casinos.

Information about the casino advantage of every online casino game is not available on the Internet. In any case, if you choose to play slots, treat it as entertainment, not as a way to make money. Especially considering how fast it is possible to bet on slot machines, you can quickly lose your money.


If you could win at casino in long term, they probably wouldn’t exist. Casino businesses are run by smart businessmen and everything is arranged so that the casino makes money.

Therefore, when you go to the casino, remember that it is entertainment and not a real way of making money. Determine the amount you are ready to give up for this entertainment and do not fall into the gambling addiction.