Since Invest & Access was launched, 69% of new investors on Mintos have used this tool to create their investment portfolios on Mintos. 18% of new investors choose Invest & Access exclusively for their investment activities on Mintos. While having access to their money, investors are earning average interest rate of 12.09% on their average investment of EUR 3 969. Only in the first two months, already 49% of investors have added more funds to their Invest & Access portfolios after the initial investment.

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When we were creating Invest & Access, we wanted to answer these questions “How can Mintos enhance the accessibility of investments in loans for those looking for new earning opportunities? How can we make investing even more simple for those joining Mintos?”

The answers were simple, too:

  • We can further facilitate investors’ experience on Mintos with the help of our technology,
  • Upgraded and reliable automation of key investing features can help investors spend even less time managing their portfolios,
  • Investors’ earnings made by attractive average interest rates can be accessible at any moment for further portfolio diversification,
  • Investors can get their money faster and cash out whenever they need the money – without waiting for the investment to reach maturity.

The latter is where Invest & Access gains the most advantage over Mintos Auto Invest and Manual Invest: investing with this Mintos product means investing with money-making money that is instantly accessible for cashing out, without any extra costs.

The real access to your money: Cashing out

The most important new option that investors got with Mintos Invest & Access is the possibility to quickly cash out their invested funds, even before the investment reaches maturity. When an investor wants to withdraw the money, the tool automatically sells current loans to other investors and credits the money to investor’s account. More than 80% of cash withdrawals from Invest & Access to investors’ Mintos accounts happen in the timeframe of 24 hours (July, 2019).

As liquidity is one of Mintos’ key strengths, there is also an easy option for investors to proceed with selling late loans from Invest & Access portfolio on the Secondary Market. At any time, investors can sell their loans from “My Investment” section on the Mintos Secondary Market that performs with high liquidity, and EUR 150 million loans have been sold on it since 2015.

Users as developers

During these two months, we have been talking to investors and we have been following feedback about the investing experiences with Mintos Invest & Access. Dedicated to continuous product development, we have already introduced some product upgrades based on investors’ feedback, with more to come in the upcoming period.

Open Mintos account and start investing from 10 EUR

Pause & Reactive portfolio for even more flexibility

With the introduced “Pause” option, investors can use their Invest & Access earnings with more control and flexibility. By investing earnings of Invest & Access via Auto Invest or Manual Invest, investors can further diversify their investment portfolios within Mintos.

Pausing Invest & Access means pausing the reinvesting, without cashing out. Most importantly, the remaining investment in the paused portfolio still continues to earn interest. This way, although highly automated investment feature, Invest & Access offers investors more control over their incoming earnings and additional time for the investment decision making.

Next: Lowering the minimum investment amount

In the upcoming period, the minimum investment amount for Invest & Access will be changed. Instead of EUR 500, the minimum starting amount for investment with Invest & Access will be EUR 10.

This way, investors will be able to experience the Invest & Access tool before they opt in to invest more money via this Mintos feature. Investors can always add more funds to their portfolio, gaining even better diversification over loans and loan originators. So far, the average number of loans across which Invest & Access diversifies investors’ portfolios is 203 loans.

Besides these changes, in the future we plan to bring more insights about the investors’ monthly earnings made possible by Mintos Invest & Access.


Mintos is a P2P investment platform that connects lending companies with willing investors in different parts of the world. The company allows investors to choose from different types of loans including mortgages, business loans, car loans, consumer loans and agriculture loans. The minimum amount that one can invest is only 10 Euros and the annual returns are a minimum of 5.5 % and goes up to even 20%.

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Mintos Invest & Access Overview - Infographic

Source: Mintos, August 2019

Open Mintos account and start investing from 10 EUR