I have written before about both Helium and MXC cryptocurrency mining. I have invested in Helium myself – I have installed 7 miners on the rooftops of Riga, Latvia and am now waiting for the price to return from $1.5 to the $20 I was counting on price tag of 20$ when I started mining Helium.

If I jumped into Helium when the train had already started running and was about to leave, I am now looking for new opportunities to invest and now it is possible to book my own NEO crypto miner that will mine MXC and DOGE cryptocurrencies.

The NEO miner is manufactured by the same company that makes the M2Pro miner – MatchX.com.

Check out the new NEO miner on MatchX.com

neo crypto minerWhat is an NEO cryptocurrency miner?

Following the success of the M2Pro miner launched almost three years ago, MatchX has launched the NEO crypto miner, a very promising product that gives high performance and ultra-low power consumption. The NEO is a low-cost but high-quality crypto miner that provides advanced technology which maximises efficiency and cost-effectiveness while making cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone and everywhere.

The NEO miner is based on the MX protocol, which is an innovative blockchain-based system designed for secure, low-cost and highly scalable IoT (Internet of Things) communication. NEO provides connectivity to IoT devices in the near area, serving as a certification layer to verify the authenticity of physical and digital goods.

Once installed, the miner broadcasts over a low-power wide area network (LPWAN), providing access to a global community of nearly 50 000 miners in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. This network forms the basis for future devices (sensors, cameras, etc.), allowing them to connect and communicate more efficiently than ever before.

Check out the new NEO miner on MatchX.com

MXC and DOGE mining

NEO users can mine both MXC and DOGE cryptocurrencies by providing network coverage with their own miners. In the case of MXC, MXC cryptocurrency will be received whenever they confirm network transactions. MXC has an ERC-20 token which facilitates transactions within the MX protocol. As more and more miners join the network and compete for rewards, the value of the MXC token increases, creating a virtuous cycle that encourages more people to exchange and earn cryptocurrency.

The NEO Main will also be able to mine DOGE, a cryptocurrency that uses PoS (Proof of Stake), another low-power consensus algorithm. Again, users will receive DOGE cryptocurrency in exchange for confirming network transactions. The ability to mine both MXC and DOGE will allow users to receive high-return results and the ability to make liquid transactions on exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Crypto.com, etc.

Check out the new NEO miner on MatchX.com

How much can I earn with NEO miner?

Of course, the exact answer to this question will only be known when the NEO miners reach their owners. Also, cryptocurrency prices are very volatile and potential profits can be very volatile, but there are some guesses in the depths of the Internet about the profits from a NEO miner.

Using state-of-the-art technology and powerful algorithms, the NEO miner will allow users to mine cryptocurrency without the need for expensive and complex equipment. Compared to the €2,800 M2Pro miner, the €500 NEO miner is extremely affordable.

At the time of writing, the NEO miner is claimed to be able to mine up to USD 6 worth of MXC cryptocurrency every day, meaning that users can recoup their initial investment in less than three months. What’s more, the NEO miner uses just one watt (1 W) of power, so you won’t have to worry about increased electricity bills.

In addition, the DOGE coin cryptocurrency will also be mined, but more information on this is not currently available.

Check out the new NEO miner on MatchX.com

NEO miner specification

In the image below you can see the specification of the NEO miner.

Check out the new NEO miner on MatchX.com

What did I think of NEO crypto miner?

I think that for the price of €415.97 (European network price), the NEO miner is worth a try. Admittedly, this miner has a great design and why not add a device to your router that will earn you some money every day. Also, unlike Helium miners, the NEO has a built-in antenna and you don’t need to stick it out the window or put it on the roof to earn more.

Setting a very realistic ROI, for example 1 year, this is a great opportunity to try cryptocurrency mining. And as we all know, in the crypto world all sorts of miracles happen and maybe the 100 MXC or DOGE mined today will be worth 100x more in two years.

So if you have €415.97 to spare, buy this crypto miner, plug it into the internet and electricity and give it a try.

Check out the new NEO miner on MatchX.com

I allready pre-ordered my NEO miner. Hopefully I will receive it on time – on May and then I will be able to report mining results.