Cover the field or also named “Nearly All Covered” is a Betfair trading strategy that has very high strike rate and low risk margin. In this strategy you have tho most scorelines covered, and only few scorelines are dangerous.


In this strategy bets are placed pre-match. Let’s look at example, using 100 euro stake:

  • € 50 back bet on Under 2.5 goals market at odds of 1.80 or more;
  • € 30 back bet on Over 3.5 goals market at odds of  1.80 or more;
  • € 10 back bet on Correct Score 2-1;
  • € 10 back bet on Correct Score 3-1.

Bet amount may vary depending on the odds of chosen game to trade.

nearly all covered trading

Correct score grid example of Nearly All Covered trading strategy

all covered trading strategy

Odds and bets on NAC strategy

As you can see in the Correct Score grid example of this trading strategy, we are looking to land our bet on 3-1 scoreline, as it would bring us almost 250% ROI from this trade. And there are only 3 scorelines on which we are loosing money. So we can assume that this is high-reward and low-risk Betfair trading strategy.


In this strategy we are looking for a strong home side, which regularly scores goals, but also concedes, as our target scoreline is 3-1.

To select the right games you should check H2H stats between teams and also look at teams recent form. If the stats are showing that at least 50% of both team last matches have ended with both teams scoring and if the home side is a favorite with odds of 1.50 – 2.00 then this match should be worth trading.

After checking H2H stats and recent form, you should also check the odds of Under 2.5 goals market – Under 2.5 odds should be over 2.00

If all of these criteria are met, then you have found a game that is suitable for Nearly All Covered trading strategy.


The dangerous scores in this strategy are very clear. 3-0 favorite victory should be treated as the most dangerous scoreline here. It will be a tricky situation, if the favorite is up 2-0 around 60th minute, because if he scores one more, the result will be 3-0, but if the underdog scores, the trade will be very close to our target scoreline 3-1.

If you are afraid of scoreline 3-0, you can split the bet on 2-1 and 3-1 and 3-0. It will make the potential profits a bit thinner, but trade a bit more safer.

If the underdog scores first, then you will have to wait for the home side to equalize. If it becomes 0-2 in favor to favorite, then you will have to hope that the results stays the same or there will be two more goals or the result will be Over 3.5 goals.


Nearly All Covered can be very profitable Betfair trading strategy, if you choose the right games and everything goes as planned. But this strategy can also go wrong, if underdog scores more than one goal. Also the 3-0 scoreline can be dangerous, but it is only one goal away from hitting the target score.

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